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By Adam Bielawski

The Eminem Show You cannot say you don't like the CD, “The Eminem Show”, after hearing it. Keep it to yourself, keep the music turned up while you know that no one is listening and the volume low when you don't want to admit you are listening to Eminem, recently released by Interscope Records. Produced by no other the Dr. Dre, friend of Eminem. Drop all your thoughts and biases of Rap Music, but note that some lyrics are point blank controversial and not for your 5 or 6 year old at home.

Reflecting on the past years in his career, Eminem brings satirical anecdotes of many figures of the past and present that surrounded his life. Portraying them in video as real celebrities as well as fictional portrayals of superheroes which tracks as “Superman” and “Without Me”. My belief is seen as somewhat of whom Eminem grew up with and admired and maybe wished to forget too.

"Cleaning Out My Closet", is one of those songs that shows the reality of life with a troublesome mother, and "White America" where he slams the burbs and rants about what no media outlet will discuss without going through the filtering of "Politically Correct" news.

Furious, fast and harsh lyrics that to many are too much to handle, but when one listens seems much of what is happening. Together with an anticipated Movie to be released in November of 2002, Eminem has the celebrity wagon rolling

This disc rocks to the rap lover as well as the rock and roller. Listen, enjoy and don't cast stones