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U2 - Zooropa | UnRated Magazine Review:
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By Trent McMartin


Zooropa further confirmed that U2's flirtation with electronic music was no passing fad. Originally conceived as an EP and recorded during a break in the Zoo TV tour, the album alienated many fans, most of which their American fan base, who were used to the "serious" U2 of The Joshua Tree. They forgave U2 for Achtung Baby but many turned their backs on the more European flavored Zooropa. Regardless, it still was a big hit and subsequently won the Grammy award for Best Alternative Music Album of 1993, where the ever reserved Bono explained to the crowd upon his acceptance speech that U2 would, "continue to do our best to fuck up the mainstream."

Favorite cuts: "Stay (Faraway so Close)," the title track, and "Numb."

Bad Apple: "Babyface"