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By Melanie Falina

Live - Radiant Sea: A Collection of Bootleg Rarities and Two New Songs

Although over the past two decades their name has generated much confusion...

"I'm going to a Live show."
"A live show -- who are you going to see?"
"I'm going to see Live."
Oh, got it...

World renown and with more than twenty-million album sales under their belts, Live has come a long way from their middle-school years formation in Pennsylvania.

As the title suggests, Radiant Sea (A Collection of Bootleg Rarities...) includes a rousing accumulation of some of the band's most loved songs. Released at the end of 2007 and only available through the band's website, this is a collection fans will delight in. Their sophomore self-release album on the Action Front Record label, Live is progressively moving forth in liberating themselves from major labels just as many bands and performers are today.

For those who have never seen Live live before -- vocalist Ed Kowalczyk is one of the very few singers able to croon with a crystal clarity despite how big the drums sound, or how loudly the guitar and bass are crunching away.

Kicking off with "The Beauty of Gray" from the bands debut album, Kowalczyk prefaces the song by saying it's about harmony among people regardless of race. Poignant theories wrapped in the depths of well-written poetry, like so much of Live's repertoire.

Next up is "Pillar of Davidson" with its tender intro and hypnotic melody through-out, and then the powerful and driving "Shit Towne," turned up a notch or two for the audience.

"I Alone" -- with as much sultry devotion as the recorded version, yet with a goose-bump inspiring, audience sing-along during the chorus.

A more feral version of "Lakini's Juice" - with eyes closed this rendition can totally make one feel they're in a concert arena beneath a starry sky.

A couple of songs then off of the incandescent The Distance To Here album, "The Distance," and the heart retching "The Dolphin's Cry."

"Nobody Knows," and the tender "Sweet Release," lead up to the divinely fervent "Overcome."

"Beautiful Invisible" is one of the new tracks on this release. Kowalczyk's vocals and range are as dynamic as ever, and the song has almost a slight, lighter country-rock feel to it.

And " Radiant Sea," the other newbie and title cut that's got a melody and groove as artfully enchanting as the name implies.

Radiant Sea: A Collection of Bootleg Rarities and Two New Songs offers the best of both worlds for Live fans -- both old songs and new. And the beauty of this album is that being an official release of the band, the production and aural quality of the live material is up to par with any of their other releases, as opposed to unauthorized bootleg material where the sound quality is generally sub-standard.

And remember, it's only available through Live's online store