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Prezident Brown

By Mozelle Ellis

Generation Next

I love it, I love it, I love it! Personally I feel Prezident Brown has created a classic Raggae CD that will stand the test of time. It will be just as relevant 10 years + from now as it is today. I can honestly say I do love Raggae like I love Gospel Music. It stands on a sturdy foundation, not like sand to be washed away or dust to be blown away. It is planted in fertile grounds of truth, justice, compassion and spiritual words. Words that rejoicing, and has the power to carry you thru rough times and struggle. Raggae is life for the believer in The Most High. It is a celebration! There are many types of Reggae music, but I prefer Raggae that has message that can live in your heart, mind and soul. Which usually points my ears to listen to Nyabinghi, , Bobo Shanti, which is conscious music. Reggae that opens the mind to new forms of thought processing, a draws you into meditative state. Visualization of what is really going on around the block and across the world, plus so much more. My heart rejoices when I hear "Lord of Lords (feat. Beezy Coleman)", being raised under southern Baptist, "Lord of Lord" makes me want to shout! The intros are Nyabinghi Chants which I appreciate being added to the CD. There is a beautiful essence in a few tracks where he has mixed classic Olde Soul Music with Reggae like "Be Thankful for What You Got (feat. Ryan)". Prezident gave us 20 tracks and I feel they are a rich.

If you just love Raggae the way I do. "I'm telling you! You need to pick up Prezident Brown - Generation Next". Those of us that have a large catalog, friends consider us connoisseurs, or you're a root Rastafarian. I don't even have to worry about you, because I know you have this CD right here in your Digital Player, CD Changer, whatever. You're giving this particular CD much play on the regular.

Blessing to Prezident Brown and much praise to Jah of The Most High for putting the spirit of words and songs within him.

Standout Tracks

  • Lord of Lords (feat. Beezy Coleman)
  • Unleash the Lion (feat. Tomekk)
  • Sunshine
  • Never Worry
  • Generation Next
  • Be Thankful for What You Got (feat. Ryan)
  • Tell It Like It Is
  • Messenger R Us (feat. Patrice)