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Best + Live

Chickenfoot - Best+Live (2017)

Review by Jake Warkel

The Red Rocker himself Sammy Hagar back with the Satchman, Joe Satriani, Chad Smith and Michael Anthony with a new song "Divine Termination", which is the first new song in five years for this Supergroup Chickenfoot. This song is on Chickenfoot's newest album Best + Live which is a collection of their best hits as well as 90 minutes of live music recorded from Phoenix 2009 due to be released March 10, 2017.

If you are Chickenfoot fan as I am, you wish that these guys would continue to make albums, as one song in five years is just not enough for these talented musicians. I understand that between all four of them they have very busy schedules and thus makes it very difficult to continue to be a powerful band like Chickenfoot.

Fan or no fan "Divine Termination" is a song that people can wrap their heads around and sit back and enjoy listening too. Like most songs sometimes you need to hear the song more than once. This is a song I needed to hear more than once, not because I didn't like it. But because I really wanted get to know it and get to know it I did. I really enjoyed this song. "Divine Termination" is a song that has a bluesy yet groovy rock edge grit feel to it. Joe Satriani describes the track as "bone crunching, hell raising rock, dripping with attitude and vibe. "Just the way Chickenfoot likes it!" I agree with him about attitude and vibe but not so much bone crushing.

This album's live tracks are perfect for those that don't like polished studio overdubbed tracks. To me there is nothing better than raw performances or raw studio recordings as that is when you can here the magic of the performance, feel the energy or maybe catch flaws or imperfections. Live albums are the way to go in my opinion. This album is a must have for any music lover with great sound quality on the live tracks. Chickenfoot has done a wonderful job on this album Best + Live.

Both the extra CD "LIVE" and the bonus tracks on the best of feature almost every song from Chickenfoot's debut album as well as Sammy Hagar's old Montrose classic "Bad Motor Scooter," The Who's "My Generation" and Joe Satriani's interpretation of "The Star Spangled Banner"Tracklist "BEST+LIVE". I advise that you go out purchase your copy on March 10th 2017.


per-order the cd http://www.chickenfoot.us/bestpluslive

01. Divine Termination (BRAND NEW SONG)
02. Soap On A Rope
03. Sexy Little Thing
04. Oh Yeah
05. Get It Up
06. Future In The Past
07. Big Foot
08. Different Devil
09. Lighten Up
10. Dubai Blues
11. Something Going Wrong
12. Highway Star
13. Bad Motor Scooter
14. My Generation


01. Avenida Revolution
02. Sexy Little Thing
03. Soap On A Rope
04. My Kinda Girl
05. Down The Drain
06. Bitten By The Wolf
07. Oh Yeah
08. Learning To Fall
09. Get It Up
10. Turnin' Left
11. Future In The Past