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Katrina Carlson

By Adam Bielawski

Untucked Katrina Carlson is a new artist that I have been exposed to lately. I found the CD to be excellent to listen to with such a beautiful melodic voice that Katrina possess. As an merging artist she may be pigeon toed to a type of format or even compared to other women that give us the music that we all love. I concentrated on Katrina and kept away from making comparisons and reviewed this CD with pleasure. From the first song or "intro" and ending with "outro kind of took me by surprise. Jumping immediately into "Suddenly Beautiful" allowing my imagination take very easily. Lyrically stating that she is not the perfect type of girl but falls in love. Much of the CD is visual and gives a type of inspiration by placing a scene in ones own daydreams while listening.

Katrina Carlson's voice is inspiring and I can tell you that I really enjoyed listening to "Untucked" many times. It took me away as I was mesmerized by her voice which made it so great to listen as I snuck into my own trance to the music. Adding a bit of jump to her songs that kept the flavor of the music upbeat and kind of funky. This blend worked very well and kept me spinning the CD numerous times on the player. Katrina Carlson possesses you on "Untucked" immediately and I did not have to grow to listen to the music as many new works that come out. A little bit of rock always goes a long way with a song like "Dive" which got me bopping my head back and forth hearing about "dive bombing babies", opening me up for a small laugh at the same time. "Closer (freak)" and "Somewhere Over You" showed an energy to her music which I tend to enjoy. Creating a type of personal relationship with Katrina and myself on "Untucked". Katrina's blend of upbeat and softer music previews a diversity that she has towards her writing and music.

Katrina Carlson new CD is soulful and melodic making it a pleasure to pop into the CD and listen. I loved being taken away to more then just a rock song but being able to put visions to her music.

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