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Dropping Daylight

Take A Photograph Dropping Daylight gets rave reviews from Chicago High School students. Dropping Daylight is a young band from Minneapolis with piano-based songwriting mixed with the highly energetic style of modern rock. Led by singer/songwriter/pianist Sebastian Davin, who is a music school dropout, the band seems to base itself on this man’s talent. Also in the band are guitar player Seth Davin, which is the 16 year old brother of Sebastian, the bassist Rob Burke, and the solid drummer Jake Englund. Together with the energetic style of rock displayed, the clash between strings and piano keys gives Dropping Daylight a strong, melodic sound. This young modern rock band is surprisingly talented and it’s notable that they have an illusive future because of their great sound and catchy lyrics. Perhaps the two songs that can sum up the band’s personality and sound are Lucy and Till You Feel Something.

My personal favorite is Lucy which is a song that talks about a young man’s affection towards the girl that he believes is the “one”. Both these songs are potential nominees to become this band’s two main hits. It’s obvious that this band is bound to hit the mainstream airwaves, so all those modern rock enthusiasts should anticipate when Dropping Daylight drops their C.D. any time soon.

By Miguel Munoz (Senior 2005/06) Thomas Kelly High School Chicago, IL

Dropping Daylight: CD Review “Take a Photograph”

New bands are crowding the airwaves, all sound alike, all look alike, no real difference what so ever. I’m a big metal head, I mean Metallica, Slayer and so forth, and like many I know, I’m still waiting for the next “And Justice For All”! As soon as I put on Dropping Daylight’s “Take A Photograph” I knew it wasn’t ‘No Justice’, but it was something I didn’t expect, real music! I’m so tired to see the same Emo and Punk pop artists trying to come up with music that already sounds like all the rest of the junk on the radio. Dropping Daylight however has its own unique sound and approach of the type of music they put out. On the track “Lucy” it has a mellow and soft mood, with a slight edge to it. Then they get your blood pumping with nice bass driven tracks like “Till You Fell Something.” The biggest surprise I thought was the way the piano is nicely incorporated with the rest of the instruments, it’s not hidden in the background, and it doesn’t take up much space.

No doubt when the full length album is released sometime 2006, it’s going to sell. This unique sound is something to be heard and not told, there are few words I can use to describe this mixture of hard driven power chords with melodic piano lines. Pick up this album, it wont be a waste of $15, and don’t be surprised to see a double “D” on the students notebooks and book bags some time soon!

Hector Ornelas (Senior 2005/06) Thomas Kelly High School Chicago, IL

Dropping Daylight
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