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Haste The Day - When Everything Falls | UnRated Magazine Review:
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Haste The Day

By Tim Hargesheimer

When Everything Falls Indianapolis-based Haste the Day's sophomore effort of When Everything Falls punches you right in the face from the very first note. With all but track Number 12's radio-friendly cover of the Goo Goo Dolls'"Long Way Down," Jimmy Ryan's ferocious vocals lead you into every round of the struggle. That battle, to move past 2004's Burning Bridges and find more time to write and record in the studio with GGGarth Richardson (From Autumn To Ashes, Mudvayne), has brought the band to kick out an album that they feel separates them from the metal pack in more ways than one.

Consisting of screamer Jimmy Ryan, guitarist Jason Barnes, bassist Michael Murphy and brothers Brennan and Devon Chaulk (drums), Haste The Day covers a variety of subject matter with a vicious intensity throughout. "InstruMETAL" provides a two minute and four second serene melodic break reminiscent of Slipknot's "Vermillion Pt. 2." Beyond that, every other track opens with Ryan's concentrated scream and Devon Chaulk's thrashing drum delivery. No more is this felt than on "The Perfect Night." This, a self-described "…fun song…about a boy and a girl in love" where strong drumming not only carries through the song, but sets a tone surprisingly complimentary to the lyrics. Even "Walk On" provides a militant-like break halfway through the song. Interestingly enough, "For A Lifetime" tosses listeners a bonus when From Autumn To Ashes jumps in to help out on vocals.

I enjoyed this mid-2005 release but also feel that portions of it were played somewhat "safe." Many of the tracks bring a parallel sound and the musical variation just didn't show itself as much as I wanted. This is especially ironic due to the cover of "Long Way Down." (Which, couldn't be any more the opposite from Haste The Day's current sound.) Don't be fooled, this is a metalcore record through and through. If you pick this album up, be ready to hear tales of love and beauty combined with harsh descriptions of suffocation, enclosure and desertion.

Song of the Album:

"When Everything Falls" – The album title track gives listeners of all backgrounds a little more than the rest of the disc. With a distinctive guitar introduction and a beat that slows down just long enough to blow you away at the end, this song stands by itself.

Track List

  1. Fallen
  2. The Perfect Night
  3. Walk On
  4. When Everything Falls
  5. If I Could See
  6. Walls and Fear
  7. For A Lifetime
  8. This Time It's Real
  9. Bleed Alone
  10. InstruMETAL
  11. All I Have
  12. Long Way Down

***I will be interviewing Brennan Chaulk from Haste The Day at their February 26, 2006 Chicago (House of Blues) show. Got some questions you'd like to ask Brennan? E-mail me at tim@unratedmagazine.com!