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 20 Watt Tombstone: One-on-One

"Left Lane Cruiser" (Fort Wayne based Blues/Rock Duo) has been making music for ten years. Signed to Alive Records in 2006, they have produced eight full-length albums on the former "Black Keys" Label.

After discussing it for several years, "Left Lane" finally decided, in 2015, to recor... (Read More)

 Source: Brings on New Energy to the World of Metal

Source Brings on New Energy to the World of Metal

An Interview with Paveme3nt Entertainment Band Source on April 1, 2016 at Back Bar in Janesville, WI, USA

I have learned that tour life can be a long, tiring experience for a lot of bands. Being on ... (Read More)

 Levitika: One on One

One on One with Levitika

Levitika is an Australian melodic rock singer/songwriter from Adelaide, South Australia, currently working with renowned multi-platinum US music producer Jeff Blue, who has produced hits for artists such as Linkin Park, Korn, Limp Bizkit... (Read More)

 Romantic Rebel Takes on the Chicago Music Scene

Unrated Backstage Interview with Romantic Rebel at Louder Than Life

Let me just start off by saying one thing: I am proud to be from the Chicagoland area. The music scene we have here is pretty dam diverse: Hip Hop (The humble Kayne West), 80’s Rock (Yes, that b... (Read More)

 Alicia G Interview | Music Is In My Blood

Alicia G tells us, "Ever since I was little girl I've been performing onstage and I have always loved every minute of it! Besides competing in beauty pageants, I was trained professionally in dance lessons, acting, modeling, cheerleading, gymnastics, piano, and even classical opera lessons. I thi... (Read More)

 Motorhead | Memories of Lemmy

It was the evening of Saturday, December 26, 2015 and I was out with friends celebrating the end of the holiday season. We were talking about music as we always do, and Lemmy came up in the conversation (as he tends to do). Being the music journalist of the bunch, I reminded everyone that he had ... (Read More)

 Meka Nism | The Shift has Taken Place in Palatine.....

Inspiration takes place every day among society. I was granted the privileged to witness truly inspiring musicians on the verge of greatness. On Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 at Durty Nellies in Palatine, Illinois, my won... (Read More)

 The Beautiful Bodies: Tom Becker on Van's Warped Tour 2015

Van's Warped Tour brings many bands and artist from various backgrounds to be part of one of the largest traveling Music Festivals in the United States (and abroad) sponsored by Van's Shoes. The tour has been on the road, like a traveling circus, since 1995. Van's Warped Festival features music a... (Read More)

 Slayer: Kerry King Discusses New Album and Tour

The 2015 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival - July 12, 2015 (First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre in Tinley Park, IL) Interview by Dan Locke

Guitar metal icon Kerry King sits down to discuss the upcoming album, “Repentless” due out in September this y... (Read More)

 Dioni Co-founder of Astyplaz

Dan Locke: Tell me about your background. How did you get interested in Music?

Well I think it was inevitable! My grandmother was an opera singer and my mother a concert pianist, so there was always a constant presence of music in the house, but i also think one gr... (Read More)

Music Reviews Music Reviews Music Reviews