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UnRated Music Magazine Staff Page - Your Music Source on the Net
UnRated Magazine
Editor In Chief
Bill Schupp
Bill Schupp

Toyin Alaka (Chicago | UnRated Urban Magazine)
Adam Bernard (Philadelphia)
Kristin Biskup (New Jersey)

Scott Boedecker
(March 31, 1960 - March 13, 2009)
(You Are Missed My Friend)

Christina Cassidy (Australia)
James Currie (Chicago)
Terra Cooney (Chicago)
Azlana Darque (Charlotte, NC)

Melanie Falina
[Interview Editor](Chicago)

Dan Hansen (Chicago)

Dan Hargesheimer
Dan Hargesheimer (Chicago)

Tim Hargesheimer (Chicago)
James Harper (Texas)
Tom Hedlund (Chicago)
Mozelle Ellis (Florida)
Joy Anne Icayan (Philippines)

Lori Kerr (Iowa)
James Klein (Chicago | UnRated Film Editor)

Jackie Lee King
Jackie Lee King

Anita Maree Lande (Chicago)
Kim Lapalme (Toronto, Canada)
Amie Mayes (Chicago)
Trent McMartin (Vancouver, Canada)

Michele Mussatto
Michele Mussatto (Chicago)

Stefanie Newell (Atlanta)
Charles Pearce (Chicago)
Dusty Peters (Chicago)
Robert Pyon (Chicago)
Jenna Robins (New Zealand)

Flavia Salazar (Albuquerque, NM | Denver, CO)
Nick Schwab (UnRated Film)
Jenafur Schlangen (Chicago)
Wendy Simmons (Chicago | UnRated Urban Magazine)
Craig Sorensen (Chicago | UnRated Film)
Kate Strolo (Philadelphi)
David Svendsen (Arizona)
Lauri Svendesn (Arizona)

RJO Taduran
RJO Taduran (London, England)

Sommer Thorton (Chicago | UnRated Flair)
Edwin van Hoof (Netherlands & Europe)
Morgan Weinert (San Francisco | Washington)
David Whitely (Chicago | UnRated Urban Magazine)
Lis Wize (Utah)
Raymond Velez (Chicago | UnRated Film)

Melanie Falina [Interview Editor](Chicago)
Jesse Jane
(Los Angeles)

Sam Frank (New York City)
Tamara Jenkins (UnRated Urban Magazine)
Ahsan Khan (Denver)
Sommer Thorton (Chicago | UnRated Flair)


Adam Bielawski
Adam Bielawski

Raymond Boyd (Chicago)

Barry Brecheisen (Chicago)

Niva Bringas
(September 1, 1964 - September 12, 2007)
(You Are Missed My Friend, Chicago)

James Currie (Chicago)
Daren Fentiman (Seattle, WA)

Rob Grabowski
Robert Grabowski (Chicago)

Edwin van Hoof (Netherlands)
Ahsan Khan (Denver | UnRated Denver)
Jeff Kroll (Chicago)
Richard Kwasniewski (Chicago)
Brian Lambert (Clearwater, FL)
Dan Locke (Chicago)
Calvin Oberton (Toronto, Canada)
James Patrick (Arizona)
Lyle Waisman (Chicago)


Photo Editor
Dan Locke (Chicago)

Interview Editor
Melanie Falina (Chicago)

Vixen Editor

Richard Kwasniewski (Chicago)

UnRated Publications Editors

Tamara Jenkins (Chicago | UnRated Urban Magazine)
James Klein (Chicago | UnRated Film Magazine)
Tamara Jenkins & Dan Locke (Chicago | UnRated Urban Magazine)
Ahsan Khan (Denver | UnRated Denver Magazine)
Sam Frank (New York | UnRated NYC Magazine)
Metal Mike Romcoe (Chicago | UnRated Metal Magazine)
Stefanie Newell (Atlanta)
Sommer Thornton (Chicago | UnRated Flair Magazine)

Advertising / Marketing
Mike Romcoe (Chicago)

Technical Staff
Adam Bielawski (Chicago)

Online Editorial Director
Adam Bielawski (Chicago)


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