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Bruce Bouillet

Bruce Bouillet

I tend to look at him as ‘the one who got away’. Not that he has been out of the music scene, but he is the only one who kept a low profile after his groundbreaking work with Racer X. After the break up Bouillet started The Scream, but refocused upon their split. Bruce started mixing, engineering and producing albums leading him to fame in the scene, and eventually even a Grammy (Motörhead). His successful career as one of metal’s top engineers never wiped out his love for the instrument and ... [Read More about Bruce Bouillet]

Counterfeit i

Counterfeit i

In a world where honest music is a rare commodity, Counterfeit i stands apart and plays with real emotion and intensity. This Chicago-based experimental group, founded by Derek Allen in 2008, does not care about mass appeal and refuses to sacrifice artistic integrity for the fleeting fame that the music industry so readily offers. From their first release, Circuitry (2009) to their last EP, Search Party (2010), Counterfeit i has progressed and grown on their own ter... [Read More about Counterfeit i]

Gus G.

Gus G.

Kostas Karamitroudis is his name, better known as Gus G!

The guitar slinger best known for his work as shredder of Ozzy Osbourne had claimed fame as one of the metal's reigning guitar virtuosos today. His resume includes Firewind, Mystic Prophecy, Nightrage, Arch Enemy and Dream Evil, and now his first solo effort "I am the Fire."

In contradiction to most solo efforts from shredders, Gus opts to focus on quality metal songs rather than guitar ex... [Read More about Gus G.]

Music Gallery Music Gallery Music Gallery
Sledge Leather  

Leather Leone, remember her? She once was ruling the metal wasteland as one of the leading female voices of heavy metal. The voice of Chastain who added fuel to the metallic fire of David T.'s amazing shreds and killer riffs, also recording an acclaimed solo record "Shockwaves," before vanish... [Read More]

Michelle Williams  

I'm sure by now you've heard about the musical Fela! starring Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams. The musical based on the life of late Nigerian music pioneer Fela Kuti is a three time Tony Award winning play produced by Read More]

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals  

Philip Anselmo, legendary frontman of Pantera and Down, will release his career-first solo album, Walk Through Exits Only, on July 16 via his own Housecore Records (MRI/Megaforce). Walk Through Exits Only will be available digitally, on CD and on vinyl.

Produced by Philip Anselmo and Mich... [Read More]

Live Concert Reviews Live Concert Reviews Live Concert Reviews

When I found out Stereophonics was coming to Chicago, I practically sprung out of my chair and straight into a colleague of mine....who by the way was carrying three full and hot cups of hipster brand coffee. (*Oops.) But, I was SO excited!! I mean, who wouldn't be?! -- It's Stereophonics! ... [Read More]

B.B. King  

The thrill may be gone at times, but the King keeps going. B.B. King played the Chicago House of Blues, this past Thursday and Friday, to sold out crowds of adoring fans. While he did play an hour and a half set, he didn't seem to be on his top game.

B.B. King, ... [Read More]

Lauren Hill  

Nas and Lauryn Hill blessed Chi-Town last week with a memorable concert at the Congress Theater. Hundreds of fans from all over flocked to the northwest side's musical landmark to see two of the most revered artists in hip-hop.

Nas opened the show with a bang, "God Son" and rolled t... [Read More]

CD Spins CD Spins CD Spins
Beyonce (2013)  

The Queen of Pop has stunned us all yet again. Friday the 13th at midnight, Beyonce released her long awaited fourth album self-titled “BEYONCE” via iTunes. The 32 track visual record was a total shock to her fans and to the music industry, for there has never been an artist in history to release... [Read More]

Pearl Jam, Lightning Bolt  

Hard pounding rockers typify the first half (“Getaway,” “Mind Your Manners, “and “My Father’s Son”). The second act loses a little steam, although if they’re was one guy who can pull off melancholia it’s Eddie Vedder. The upbeat acoustic number “Sleeping By Myself" was first heard on Vedder’s 201... [Read More]

Suicidal Tendencies 13  

That’s right everyone Suicidal Tendencies are back. Mike Muir and the boys let you know loud and clear in the first track, Shake It Out. From the first note and word you know ST is back.  I am sure that Suicidal fans will be very happy to finally possess a new album.  Muir le... [Read More]

Music Gallery Music Gallery Music Gallery
Courney Love  

Liquid heat in a Chicago summer. I'm at the House of Blues waiting for a night where I can't expect or anticipate anything. The venue reeks of a former glory in the process of cashing out. A man stands in the bathroom reading an iPad waiting for his tip. There are tables near the stage, but you have to pay extra for a seat. The bar televisions use security cameras to relay a grainy stage feed for general admission holders. Apparently onl... [Read More][View Gallery]


"Fuck all that shit; Slayer was fucking awesome!"

What can be said about tonight that hasn't already been written? Metal isn't dead, the crowd was fantastic, and the band simply rocks. Slayer has been out there since the 80s, and unlike another all too obvious heavy metal band out there, the years and success haven't corrupted the energy or quality of Slayer's performance.

Chicago's famous Aragon ... [Read More][View Gallery]



When I found out Stereophonics was coming to Chicago, I practically sprung out of my chair and straight into a colleague of mine....who by the way was carrying three full and hot cups of hipster brand coffee. (*Oops.) But, I was SO excited!! I mean, who wouldn't be?! -- It's Stereophonics! -- They are A-M-A-Z-E-B-A-L-L-S!

Here in lays the problem: Hardly anyone in the USA has ever really heard of this 3-piece Welsh band Ster... [Read More][View Gallery]

Movie Reviews Movie Reviews Movie Reviews
Saxon: Heavy Metal Thunder (2012)  

Saxon: Heavy Metal Thunder The Movie (2012)

Working class heroes, New Wavy of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM), heavy metal, and heroes; all these sum up the mighty Saxon. The band around charismatic shouter Biff Byford stood the test of time. Saxon is a test of time which was loaded with mischief. Saxon not only suffered from bad management, band intrigues and break ups, in addition Saxon suffered from the (many) turn of tides as well. But always and forever, Saxon proved to be as solid as a rock, not giving in to hatred and mishaps....[Read More]

Amnesiac (2013)  

Amnesiac (2013)

Amnesiac follows two parallel stories - Kate, a disturbed mother grieving the loss of her baby son and Alex, an equally disturbed and malevolent spirit, seemingly trapped in the afterlife to relive the horrors of his past. For Kate, she has secluded herself in the nursery, has become obsessed with the occult, covering the walls with newspaper clippings, photographs, and marking the walls with strange symbols and phrases. The room is filthy and trash litters the room and crib. Meanwhile, Alex wanders an English country side, spewing depressing poetry, and digs a shallow grave for poorly wrapped and dripping human body parts....[Read More]

Iron Man 3  

Iron Man 3 (2013)

Iron Man 3 picks up where The Avengers movie left off. Tony Stark finds himself suffering from anxiety after his encounter with the aliens in New York and while he is going through his personal turmoil, a terrorist who calls himself The Mandarin, is wreaking havoc on the rest of the world. Tony's relationship with Pepper has become strained and previous encounters in Tony's life come back to haunt him as the story unfolds....[Read More]