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Dan Locke: Tell me about your background. How did you get interested in Music?

Well I think it was inevitable! My grandmother was an opera singer and my mother a concert pianist, so there was always a constant presence of music in the house, but i also think one gravitates towards something they are born to do.In my case it started with the home made theatrical productions then graduated to talent schools as a kid and then onto further... [Read More about Dioni]



Wilco at Chicago's Riviera Theatre on September 6, 2014

Wilco played 30 songs to a sold out crowd at the Riviera Theatre. Tonights, full moon concert, and live broadcast on WXRT, ran almost two and a half hours long, spanning music from their 20 years as a band. The show was filled with hits and some dusty grooves. This was the second night of a six night residency of their micro tour dubbed, Wilco Winterlude. Each performance completely sold out.

Jeff... [Read More about Wilco]

Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch

Pre Order the New CD/Album/MP3 Got Your Six from Amazon.

New album for metal giants, Five Finger Death Punch is scheduled for August 2015. We have been waiting for new music since The Wrong Side of Heaven, Volume 2. FFDP is currently on tour and if FFDP comes your way go check them out. You will not be disappointed.

Coinciding with the ... [Read More about Five Finger Death Punch]
Music Gallery Music Gallery Music Gallery
Jennifer Lopez  

A.K.A. - Jennifer Lopez’s 10th album and her first for Capitol Records

A.K.A. – Jennifer Lopez’s 10th album and her first for Capitol Records – is out today and she’s celebrating its release with a series of high profile television appearances. Last night s... [Read More]


Sledge Leather  

Leather Leone, remember her? She once was ruling the metal wasteland as one of the leading female voices of heavy metal. The voice of Chastain who added fuel to the metallic fire of David T.'s amazing shreds and killer riffs, also recording an acclaimed solo record "Shockwaves," before vanish... [Read More]


Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals  

Philip Anselmo, legendary frontman of Pantera and Down, will release his career-first solo album, Walk Through Exits Only, on July 16 via his own Housecore Records (MRI/Megaforce). Walk Through Exits Only will be available digitally, on CD and on vinyl.

Produced by Philip Anselmo and Mich... [Read More]

Live Concert Reviews Live Concert Reviews Live Concert Reviews

When I found out Stereophonics was coming to Chicago, I practically sprung out of my chair and straight into a colleague of mine....who by the way was carrying three full and hot cups of hipster brand coffee. (*Oops.) But, I was SO excited!! I mean, who wouldn't be?! -- It's Stereophonics! ... [Read More]

B.B. King  

The thrill may be gone at times, but the King keeps going. B.B. King played the Chicago House of Blues, this past Thursday and Friday, to sold out crowds of adoring fans. While he did play an hour and a half set, he didn't seem to be on his top game.

B.B. King, ... [Read More]

Garth Brooks  

I have to start with saying "WOW." I saw Garth Brooks live in 1996 performing in Lansing, Michigan. He was just as good 18 years ago as he was tonight. The house was packed floor to ceiling. Not one person sitting in their seat. Almost every person knew every word to every song. Garth started ... [Read More]

CD Spins CD Spins CD Spins
Beyonce (2013)  

The Queen of Pop has stunned us all yet again. Friday the 13th at midnight, Beyonce released her long awaited fourth album self-titled “BEYONCE” via iTunes. The 32 track visual record was a total shock to her fans and to the music industry, for there has never been an artist in history to release... [Read More]

De Staat - Vinticious Versions (2014)  

Unlike their name proclaims, De Staat is not performing their music in Dutch. That being said, this band has established international fame with their infectious rock/crossover tunes with stoner guitar walls and Britpop infected harmonies, which landed them slots on acclaimed festivals as Lowland... [Read More]

Cherie Currie Reverie  

The Cherry Bomb is Back

Cherie Currie is back with her brand new album release – Reverie. It has been over 35 years to hear the incredible vocals of Cherie, but the wait was well worth it.

Most music lovers know of the all-female band The Runaways. Back in the late seventie... [Read More]

Music Gallery Music Gallery Music Gallery
B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash 2014   Allstate Arena - December 6, 2015 featuring Ariana Grande, Pharrell, 5SOS, Martin Garrix, Lil Jon, MKTO and Rixton... [Read More] [View Gallery]

"Fuck all that shit; Slayer was fucking awesome!"

What can be said about tonight that hasn't already been written? Metal isn't dead, the crowd was fantastic, and the band simply rocks. Slayer has been out there since the 80s, and unlike another all too obvious heavy metal band out there, the years and success haven't corrupted the energy or quality of Slayer's performance.

Chicago's famous Aragon ... [Read More][View Gallery]

Zola Jesus  

Zola Jesus Performed to a Sold Out Crowd at The Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago on Jan.16, 2015.

Nika Roza Danilova who goes by the name of Zola Jesus performed at The Athenaeum Theatre as part of Tomorrow Never Knows Festival 2015.

You asked what is this festival you never heard of...It was started by Schubas’ and now runs by both Schubas' & Lincoln Hall’s as a winter music fest mixes acclaimed, up-&-coming, local & national indi... [Read More][View Gallery]

Movie Reviews Movie Reviews Movie Reviews
Into The Woods (2014)  

Into The Woods (2014)

Into the Woods takes a spin on several classic fairy tales with a modern twist and brings them together into one musical journey. I found this movie starting out on a journey that just kept falling apart as every scene past or note was sung which brings the story into some very suggestive, adult themed tones that is definitely not for the entire family. I sat down with my wife and 6 year old and were looking forward to another Disney classic but found ourselves extremely disappointed. From the beginning the characters and story aren't interesting and are quite jumbled leaving an uneasy feeling with how they tarnish beloved stories that have been part of the Disney legacy....[Read More]

Thirst (1979)  

Thirst (1979)

Kate Davis seems to be living an ideal life. However, unbeknownst to her, she just happens to be a long lost descendant of the notorious Countess Elizabeth Bathory. And she's just been targeted to join a mysterious cult of rich tycoons who believe they are vampires. Kate obviously doesn't think that thats a good idea of course so they kidnap her and take her to their complex in the country where they literally bleed the young underclass dry....[Read More]



Through the end of January, Costco customers have access to a one-of-a-kind new gift card that allows them to choose which season from their favorite HBO series they want to instantly redeem in Digital HD after purchasing. For $23.99, the card offers a choice of series and seasons of hit HBO series including Game of Thrones, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire and True Detective, redeemable via the Flixster Movie Store. While Digital HD business continues to grow and many consumers have already discovered the convenience of owning content digitally, this card is the perfect opportunity for HBO fans who want to test the waters of digital ownership to start their collections. The card also makes a great gift, since the recipient gets to choose the program that he or she wants to download....[Read More]