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I Sell The Dead Not Rated
Theatrical Release Date: Fall 2009
DVD Release Date: March 30, 2010
Director: Glenn McQuaid

I Sell The Dead by James Klein for UnRated Magazine [October 21, 2010]
I Sell The Dead I Sell The Dead

One of the joys I get from being a movie fan is stumbling across a film that I haven't heard much about and finding a gem. I know a movie is good when I start talking to myself and laughing along with the movie and yet no one is around. Or maybe I am losing my mind. Either way, I Sell the Dead is one of those films that I really enjoyed alot. If you are in the mood for a fast paced, 90 minute horror/comedy as if it was directed by The Coen Brothers, Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton all rolled into one with a touch of Evil Dead 2 thrown in; this is for you.

The comic book-esque story is about a 19th century grave robber who is about to be executed the next day. He speaks to a priest while in jail and just opens up to him, telling him his life story as a grave robber and his many adventures with vampires, aliens and zombies. Director Glenn McQuaid does a good job in the director's chair and I hope to see more films by him. He is primarily a visual effects artist and this is only his second film. The visual effects and editing are original and not done to show off (although I could have done without a few cartoon/comic book sequences).

The cast is very good too with Dominic Monaghan as the grave robber telling his life story. His comic timing works well in this. His partner in crime is played by Larry Fessenden who is also just as funny. I am a fan of Fessenden's directorial work such as Habit and the underrated Wendigo and he shows here that he is also a decent actor. Ron Perlman and Angus Scrimm also have smaller but meaty roles.

What also adds to the fun is that you can tell that director McQuaid loves horor and isn't poking fun at the genre but embraces it. He does focus more on the humor than on the horror but the movie is so much fun; it wasn't a big deal to me. I was even impressed with how little CGI was used which seems to be the norm in all modern horror films.

I really recommend I Sell the Dead if you are in the mood for light horror or just something a bit different.


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