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New Found Glory: Too Good To Be

House of Blues - Chicago, IL - October 14, 2006

by Dan Hargesheimer

New Found GloryOn a brisk night in the city of Chicago, and on a night when the Detroit Tigers were punching their ticket to the World Series, New Found Glory gave the crowd a chance to sweat as though it was a hot and humid summer afternoon. As the House of Blues floor pounced and flexed in sync with the crowd, the Floridians, New Found Glory, showed off a large slew of songs from their newest CD, "Coming Home." The kids already seemed to know almost every word to the new tracks that were being played, even though their newest CD has only been out a few weeks. 'Coming Home' has been very well received by music industry 'critics,' and has been given more acclimates than any other disc they have put out to date. The guys were excited to show off their new stuff, and the crowd seemed to be even more thrilled to hear the new tunes first-hand.

Lead singer Jordan Pundik gave a 'shout out' to the fans in attendance before "I Don't Wanna Know" saying that "this next one goes out to all my friends in Chicago." As usual, NFG played the 80's classic 'The Glory of Love.' If people weren't too embarrassed by the fact that they knew every word to the song, and didn't mind looking like a fool singing the chorus as loud as humanly possible, they chimed in with the guys while smiling and laughing at the fact. Everyone in the crowd was singing to the Peter Cetera gem by the end of it (including myself) and reminiscing of the song that was featured in the movie The Karate Kid Part II. After the humorous cover song, Jordan turned to a more serious not when he thanked everyone at the House of Blues for the last 9 years of support.

New Found GloryThere was a kid in the crowd that was dressed in a Spiderman costume, who had danced with all his might the entire show, and was later rewarded during the last song of the set. Jordan reached down into the front of the pit, grabbed the kid's outstretched arm, and pulled him up on stage. Spiderman proceeded to dance on stage for the entirety of 'Hit or Miss,' and also helped Jordan sing the lyrics at one point. Another show of New Found Glory's fan appreciation came after the first encore song. There was a girl in the crowd that held up a sign that said 'I Want A Hug From Cyrus!' Her wish was granted when she was hoisted up on stage, escorted back to drummer Cyrus, and given a big bear hug.

After asking the crowd if they were "ready to tear the house down again," NFG finished their very enthusiastic set with a couple of classics that everyone in the crowd embraced with open arms. Though the set spanned just about an hour and a half, mostly due to the fact of their shorter-length songs, NFG was able to get the crowd plenty of new and old songs for their money.

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