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The Salt Lake Air Full Oozes GWAR

The Great Salt Air - Magna, Utah, United States - October 15, 2007

by Shannon Gibbs

GWARUtah'ns bowed to the might of our lords and masters GWAR when they deemed Salt Lake worthy of their destruction and put on an unforgettable display of histrionics.

Courtesy of the Rockstar Energy Drink, Viva La Bands tour, GWAR brought their form enslavement to subservient fans October 15 th at The Great Salt Air in Magna, Utah...

This tour consisting of none other then GWAR, also featured Cradle of Filth and CKY (other bands present at different tour dates, see www.vivalabands.com for more info and tour dates.)

Dressed to kill, in full armor with the intentions of war (the one that will potentially obliterate our obnoxious race,) GWAR stormed onto the stage, raging into their first song and bringing the audience to a frenzy.

If your not familiar with these unmerciful warriors and self proclaimed extraterrestrial rock band, take heed, there only desire is to overthrow and conquer earth, turning all into their gimps (human slaves)... or better yet just ridding the world of humanity in general (visit www.gwar.net for the epic story of their creation and mythos of their culture.)

GWAR being known for their theatrics and politically incorrect humor and politics, entertained followers with a Nazi pope, (complete with guts exposed, blood oozing, and prominent swastikas) followed later by the beheading of none other then George W. Bush, which left the crowd wet with blood like substance. The crowd, covered in substances known only to GWAR, demanded more... more music, more theatrics and believe it or not more gooey ooze.

In its entirety the concert was entertaining not to mention moist. In order to be officially initiated you must be willing to get down and dirty, literally. Ranging in colors and solidity, liquid substance was spewed forth in a variety of creative ways from a type of monstrous looking cannon to artificial extremities on band members, fans clamored to be in the front to experience first hand the secretion of fluids that GWAR shows are known for. So much so that the front half of the Salt Air was covered in plastic from floor to ceiling to hopefully help alleviate the residual mess that remains in the wake of every showing of GWAR's superiority.

All in all this is a show worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime, but its one definitely not for the faint of heart or stomach for that matter.