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The New Jack Swing Tour 2007

The Star Plaza - Merrillville, Indiana, United States - January 26, 2007

by Stefanie Newell

I had a ball last night at the Star Plaza in Merrillville , Indiana . It was the New Jack Swing Tour and all the heavyweights from the New Jack Swing era were there. After 7 had an incredible performance, their live vocals were even better than their recorded songs. Dressed in suits, they performed hit after hit singing, "Can't Stop," "One Night," "Heat Of The Moment," "Nights Like This," and "Ready Or Not." They opened the show with a bang, jumping out into the audience to serenade the ladies in attendance. The show was well worth their performance alone.

And then out came K-Ci and JoJo, they were hilarious to say the least! Dressed as the black version of the Blues Brothers (K-Ci in a black suit, black shirt and sunglasses and JoJo in a white suit, black hat and sunglasses), they hit the stage leaning and rocking with it. The first time they did the 'lean wit it, rock wit it' dance I thought they were trying to be facetious, but when they did it again I figured they were quite serious. It wasn't long before K-Ci being K-Ci stripped down from his white button up to a long sleeve tattooed shirt, to his bare chest, while a fully dressed JoJo looked on. They performed their songs, "You Bring Me Up," and "Last Night's Letter." K-Ci wandering through the audience riding on the shoulders of a bodyguard performed with brother JoJo, "If You Think You're Lonely Now." After K-Ci returned to the stage after literally hitting a woman upside her head while singing, JoJo teased, "This is K-Ci and Jojo and you allll in the audience." They performed, "Tell Me It's Real," and "Freek'n You." JoJo being the comedian joked that they were going to do some Russell Simmons sh*t. "Thank you for coming, God bless and good night," he said as him and K-Ci held hands and bowed. As the audience laughed and clapped they eased into their closing song, "All My Life." At the end of the song the brothers hugged and walked off the stage hand in hand.

Tony Toni Tone were there looking like a blast from the past with a new leader singer. They danced and grooved to "If I Had No Loot," "It Never Rains (Southern California)," "Feels Good," "The Blues," "Whatever You Want," "Anniversary," and "Let's Get Down."

Last and certainly not least was Aaron Hall who was introduced as Guy. Apparently the other members are off doing their own things and Aaron says that he will never stop doing what he loves. He sang "Where Did The Love Go," "Smile," "I Like," "Piece Of My Love," "Let's Chill," and his hit, "I Miss You." He didn't leave the stage without mentioning that both R. Kelly and Joe stole his sh*t,' his words not mine. He simulated sex with two audience members, a very interesting sight to behold. All in all this was a wonderful tour that is being billed as the 'New Old School.' Each and every group on this tour gave an entertaining performance, even after so many years in the business. It takes you back to the time when rap music was MC Hammer and "Pumps In a Bump," and Jodeci was tearing up the charts with hits like, "Forever My Lady." The New Jack Swing Tour takes you back to that time, if only for one night. And that is a Friday night well spent.