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Radiohead - In Rainbows

Independent, Download Available; Disc on December 3, 2007

by Trent McMartin

Radiohead - In RainbowsRadiohead is re-treading familiar territory with their latest. "15 Step" is nothing more than a rehashing of "Idioteque," (minus the freshness and innovation); "Bodysnatchers" is a total rip off of "The National Anthem," and "Videotape" is heavily reminiscent of "The Motion Picture Soundtrack," even more so than the obvious similiarities (both are album closers with similar themed song titles). Alternately, it's not the music that seems to be gaining the most attention, it's the way in which the album was released (in MP3 format) and distributed (online with fans determining the price). If anything, I give props to Radiohead for further ringing the death knell of traditional record companies and music retailers, but that's really not a compliment; that type of praise I would expect from someone discussing Walmart or Amazon.com, not a rock and roll band. But again, rock and roll is a business and a band is a corporation unto itself, with Radiohead, sadly, being no different.