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Soil - True Self

DRT Entertainment - March 28, 2006

by Michele Mussatto

Soil - True SelfSOiL's latest CD "True Self" is their best album yet. The melodies are more pleasing and catchier than their last CD "Redefine," but this in no way diminishes the traditional gritty, raw sound for which this Chicago-based band is known.

"The whole premise of this new record was to take the elements that our fans knew and loved about SOiL and bring them to a new level," says bassist Tim King.

Taking over after the departure of original vocalist Ryan McCombs, A.J. Cavalier brought his vocals to the band without compromising its classic sound. He has a pleasing and versatile voice adept at impassioned screaming and great singing.

Cavalier wrote the lyrics for the CD's hit song "Give It Up," the first song he wrote for the band. It's great for thrashing and moshing and cathartic release of frustration and anger.

"This song is a pure release of anger and hostility," says Cavalier. " This song is about venting your frustrations without having to go to jail for it. I have a pretty violent nature, but thanks to music, I can keep it in check."

Some of the songs on "True Self" are mellow in comparison to SOiL's previous works. But the passion of Cavalier's vocals, the raw guitar work and the relatable lyrics make them a pleasurable break from the more intense songs. "Let Go," "True Self," and "The Last Chance," if not considered true metal by long-time followers, are impossible to ignore. They are exciting, stimulating songs that stir the soul and awaken one's desire to jump around and thrash.

"True Self" is one of the best CD's I've ever heard. I loved it from the moment I listened to it and I still can't get enough of it.