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The True Montana The Sexiest Hip Hop Artist Alive!

Interview conducted January 2007

by Dan Locke

One April night in Paterson, New Jersey under the fire sign of Aries, a little girl came into this world. Who could have known how much fire she would face and how much fire would live and grow inside her. Born two months premature with a strong will and independence, she would do things that seemed peculiar. Her mother tells the story of when True was four years old, how she would stand on the kitchen table hairbrush in hand and sing with her favorite songs. Her parents sang with her and encouraged her love of music. Although times were good, times were also very hard. She lived in a three-room apartment, where she learned to fend for herself. Both parents worked long hours and True would often be left alone, leaving her imagination to flourish. True began writing poems at the age of thirteen.

Growing up in the very urban Paterson, New Jersey, Salsa, Merengue, R&B and Hip Hop Music would be heard throughout her neighborhood. In High School she met many MCs and DJs, which influenced her passion for poetry into writing rhymes and songs. True met a popular local DJ at that time and joined his group. He helped her to develop her rhyming skills and taught her to DJ. She would perform at talent shows, local carnivals, parades and block parties every chance she could get. She interned at various recording studios just to learn the equipment and how to produce. True took up television and radio production in college, and stage-managed several school plays. She would be involved in anything that had to do with music or acting.

After college, she attended and graduated from Sam Ash Music Institute in New York, where she received her Recording Engineering Degree. Following graduation, through a mutual friend she met Stephan Galfas who was managing many recording artists at the time. Mr. Galfas was looking for an assistant and found it in True. She wanted to learn every aspect of the music industry. The eight-hour commute to Connecticut and five hours sleep a day was small price to pay in her eyes. True brought an MPC 3000, this allowed her to continue to express herself and to grow as a producer.

Dealing with tough times she lived with roommates barely getting by, struggling to survive. True owned a small Television and VCR, the Television had poor reception which left her with one viewing option, the one movie she had in her library, Scarface A.K.A Tony Montana almost every night. True threw herself into making beats often making

three or four beats in one sleepless night. One night in New York City Toni a friend of Trues was singing at an open mic. It was during this event Toni introduced her to a mutual friend SONIX, a successful music producer, writer and owner of Nucleus Entertainment an up and coming label. SONIX encouraged her to make an album of her own, told her to believe in herself and her own abilities.

Thus The Last Laugh and True Montana were born. All of the struggles, violence, poverty, humiliation, and urban life would finally find there way into the pages of her notebook and become an incredible CD that was in the making her entire life.

With SONIX as her encouraging coach and True Montana's incredible musical abilities the outcome The Last Laugh the CD is nothing short of fire and perfection. The good and bad times from the start to the present have finally manifested.

He, who laughs last, laughs the best.

True Montana is poised to set the world on fire and nothing can stop this explosion!

How did u start in music?
Living in the ghetto of Paterson, New Jersey born and raised hip hop was a strong influence going thru hard times and needing a way to release the pain I started writing when I was 14 and never stopped.

How do you define your music?
If I had to define it I would call it Hip Hop but I would also call it my heart over music for everyone to see and hear its influenced by everything I've been through and experienced.

How do you see yourself in a year and beyond?
I see myself in front of thousands of people sharing a incredible experience with them helping people get thru hard times and sharing in their good times on stage coming thru their speakers feel me.

Who would you like to open up for?
RunDMC they started this all for me put the spark in my heart.

What are you listening to on your iPod right now?
Wow I love all kinds of music that sound good to me I'm listening to the new Nas JayZ Luda Busta some classic DMC G Rap Daddy Kane Sting Sade Damien Marley I love whatever sounds good to me and moves me now what I mean.

Thank you for the interview,
True Montana