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Type O Negative at the Metro Chicago

The Metro - Chicago, IL, United States - April 9, 2007

by Jackie Lee King

Type O NegativeType O Negative should be in the Guinness Book Of World Records for the most self-deprecating band in the land. Ironically they would turn down the accolade for fear that they might take themselves too seriously.

The band masquerades as a European sounding Death/Black metal band that originates from the 'come see for yourself' state of New Jersey. They're the Gladiatorial Goth Rockers that main stream music just can't forget; no matter how hard we try. Listening to Type O is like feasting on a Big Mac because you like the special sauce. It aint healthy, but it's damn tasty. And with lead singer Peter Steele's renewed faith in the Catholic Church he is on a mission to bring the new gospel to the masses by touring in support of the bands new release; Dead Again.

The show is a communion with the living dead while watching the band suffer on stage. It's amazing how Type O, having real talent and somewhat catchy lyrics, can derail themselves consistently in interpreting their own songs. For most of the show Steel utilized a music stand while intermittently swigging a wine bottle. Groupies were in full effect sucking on their own bottle Jaegermeister at the side of the stage. Twin signs propagated the words You Suck and Boo placed center stage on the drum riser to encourage the crowd to state an opinion on the show. That's the thing about Type O, you never really know where their talent ends and audience's entrustment begins.

"If I were you I'd get your fucking money back right now,"Steel announced before launching into the longest song of the evening; the 14 minute These Three Things from their current release. Type O treated fans to a healthy, did I say healthy, dose of their doomish catalogue. One of the highlights, there's another positive word, was their dedication to Dimebag Darrell with the song, Halloween in Heaven.

The band took a pseudo break for a 'spontaneous' encore that felt more like them keeping us hostage till they got their asses back on stage. This was when the photographers were allowed to do their job. In about 99.44% of concerts, media are allowed to take pictures of the first three songs and then leave the show. Type O made them wait until the last 25 minutes; in hopes of seeing the best material?

Throwing a microphone stand and emptying out multiple fluids along the barricade is not the way to make friends with photographers, but then again Type O really isn't interested in making friends. They've been known for their prankful nature in dealing with Record Labels (The Origin of Feces record), print media (Steel posing in Playgirl), and circulating rumors of the bands demise while referring to themselves as the Drab Four (in homage to Beatles.)

Type O Negative

Closing out the evening was a sing-along to Black No. 1 that finally got the Goth crowd up on their feet, oh wait; they were on their feet the whole time. It's amazing what Type O's brooding can do to you on a consistent basis. So the question remains...did they suck? Yes, but beautifully. One of the best bad shows out there, and yet they could be worse.

Set List

  1. "Magical Mystery Tour"
  2. "We Hate Everybody"
  3. "The Profit Of Doom"
  4. "Anesthesia"
  5. "These Three Things"
  6. "Kill You Tonight"
  7. "Halloween In Heaven"
  8. "Love You To Death"
  9. "Christian Woman"
  10. "World Coming Down"
  11. "Waste Of Life"
  12. "Black No. 1"
  13. "We Aint Going Home"