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Fall Out Boy Live Presented by FUSE TV at the Chicago Theater

The Chicago Theater - Chicago, IL, USA - December 2, 2008

by Terra Cooney

Fall Out Boy Presented by Fuse TV at the Chicago TheatreFor less than the cost of the new Fall Out Boy CD, Folie á Deux, Chicago fans got to see the band live at Chicago Theatre on Tuesday, December 2. A mere $10 bought a seat to the exclusive intimate performance, to be aired on Fuse, the only national music television channel. In celebration of the CD release on December 16, the channel will give the rest of the world a look at the live show at 9/8 p.m. central.

Fall Out Boy performed a few new songs from the album, but more oldies and goodies. They also nailed two covers, their version of "Beat It" originally by Michael Jackson, and Estelle's "American Boy". Chicago fans cheered as the hometown band played hits from Infinity on High and From Under the Cork Tree's "Dance, Dance" and "Sugar, We're Goin' Down".

The stage sets were very telling of the change in direction of the style for the new CD. Trippy black-light set dressings and dancers dressed like bears set the tone of the era of Folie á Deux, which completely sets itself aside from the magical dream world of a child that came through in the promotions for the last album. And though the aesthetics of the performance at Chicago Theatre were a bit different, some of the notes took on different tones and riffs seemed edgier, the music was just as pleasing for fans. The crowd went wild and sang along when Fall Out Boy performed their latest release "I Don't Care," and the first ever live American performance (and to be the first television live performance) of "America's Suitehearts" was accompanied by falling teddy bear confetti. Thought the boys looked winded, the show wasn't yet over. After about five more songs, Pete Wentz invited the attendees out of their seats to dance in the aisles. The intimate setting made for many stage divers and people dodging security guards manning the stage.

The energy then came out full force as Pete's already wayward hair flopped atop an eye-makeup affect that had started to smear and Joe Trohman's curls moved in unison. He took the high riser at the front of the stage to belt out words from "Saturday," the last song, while he stripped his sweatshirt off to reveal a purple Clandestine tee. The other members played and sang along as fans one-by-one got close, some joining the guys briefly on stage for a quick dance and camera pose. With that, the party ended and the boys left the stage as the energized crowd left the stage and front section slowly down the aisles and out into the cold.

No one seemed unimpressed that Patrick Stump's lyrics were difficult to decipher through the guitar chords and singing fans, but you might benefit from hearing the music through your television on the 16 th . Don't forget to catch the live performance at www.fuse.tv. If you miss it, check out one of the December U.S. shows that has not yet sold out before the band heads overseas, and be sure to pick up the noteworthy guest-infused, addictive CD Folie á Deux.