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Lamb of God - Walk with Me in Hell

Epic Records - July 1, 2008

by David Svendsen

Lamb of God - Walk with Me in HellThis two DVD release from Lamb of God is a fantastic staple of a "year in the life of" style showcase from Lamb of God.

Unfortunately, as the scenes begin, we are reminded of El Fucko, that stupid prick that seemed to try and get the crowd riled before the band's shows. I forgot about that douche until now.

Disc one follows the band through the highlights of the prior couple years, before and after they released Sacrament and had it debut at number 8 on the Billboard charts. Next up were the touring stints they did on the Unholy Alliance trek with Slayer and Gigantour with Megadeth, bands of which Lamb of God are fans.

Then the band is off to Japan and Australia for the first time, dealing with the culture shock as well as the fun of the road -- missed flights, missing gear and suitcases, etc. Most notably was when they were in Italy and realized that the same exact bus that picked them up during the Killadelphia tour was picking them up this time as well. This brought back memories from the time when Mark and Randy actually got in to a fist fight and pummeled each other. This realization quickly set in and noticeably killed the momentum the band had been building up.

However, this portion of the disc also displays the distinct personalities of the band and how they act together. While the aforementioned bus does drudge up bad memories, Mark makes the statement "Man, my shoulder is suddenly sore", to which Randy replied "I think my eye is starting to swell shut". They've grown and are able to laugh things off a little easier nowadays.

Shenanigans are abound throughout the tours, would you expect anything less from the band? After a night of drinking Willie and Chris Alder are walking the streets of Tokyo and come across a "street band" (just drums and a guitarist with a small amp). After commandeering the equipment -- what brainbashing thrash do they launch in to? A cover of Ratt's "You're In Love".

Disc 2 includes the Making of Sacrament, and includes the creative process contained therein. A very internal look at how the band relates to each, tosses ideas around, and comes together to create a masterpiece.

My favorite section of disc 2 is definitely the performance at the Download festival in front of 72,000 fans. The crowd slams together in wave after wave of moshing happiness while the band tears in to song after song.

Finishing the disc is the Redneck video, and the making of.

This is definitely one of the better DVD sets to come out that gives you a glimpse inside the workings of a multifaceted band with a humorous range of personalities. From the beginning of the ground breaking album, through getting on to bigger tours and stages, the band grabs it all with stride and rises to the occasion.


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