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Masters of Metal Tour 2008, Testament, Motorhead, Heaven and Hell, Judas Priest, I Can't Wait!

August 2008

by Adam Bielawski

Judas PriestIn about a month the Metal Master Tour will break ground to the Chicago (August 19, 2008) area metal maniacs, the rest of the states first week in August. All I can say that it's about fuckin time. As well as having a line up that is pure metal. Once one glues their ass to their seat no leaving unless to take a piss. Metal fans want metal, old, or new, but metal, not some punk rolled into metal or soft cell hell singing before head bangers. I'm not saying that all line ups are disgusting; there are a ton of fans that love the line ups when they happen. You can love all type of music. I hate to mention some of the stuff I listen because it would probably drop you rolling with laughter. However many lines ups are just shit, that is why the seats are empty till the headliner comes on. I always wonder who the fuck comes up with the bands, do they even know the damn fan base. I keep forgetting that the sponsors buy out all the tickets and give them away; the damn true fans to the artist are stuck in the back because they can't afford a 1000 dollar ticket. Yes you see the front rows of people, who are their for the moment, they don't even know at times who the fuck is on stage (or care).

The Metal Masters is Testament, Motorhead, Heaven and Hell (let's be correct, Black Sabbath with Dio) and Judas Priest. All of them left a mark in metal history. Testament, six plus foot tall Chuck Billy leading the crew, a dominant presence since the late 1980s. At time, I like to consider myself a disciple of the watch. Lemmy Kilmister, the god who started the punk/thrash generation, a known drinker and womanizer, and the rest of the mad horde of Motorhead. Heaven and Hell, to all better known as Black Sabbath, who gives a shit about the litigation of the use of the name Sabbath, to all, the name of the band is Black Sabbath. The presence and return of Ronnie James Dio for the past few years has revived the Sabbath fans. Dio the frontman of Heaven and Hell, the man who brought us the devil horns as well as took us to hell is back. Some years ago, I listened to an interview with Ronnie James Dio, I am sure I'm misquoting, "it all comes down from our superstitions"; referring to his grandmother. She would give him the cabash better to us known as the iconic metal devil horns. The metal icon, a brand for the denim and leather maniacs (Saxon, listen to them my friends). And last but not least, Judas Priest, one of the few who penetrated the full tilt of the 1980's MTVrs with METAL. They drove and preached the language to all...they kept the faith alive and filled the stadiums. Wasn't there a movie loosely based on Priest (think about it because it was not Bon Jovi).

To add more fuel for you metal maniacs, all have new music out for you to get into. Testament first release since 1999 is The Formation of Damnation...it came out back in April of 2008. Motorhead is working on Motorizer, rumors having a release date for August of 2009. Heaven and Hell, nicely packaged all the Dio Years for you with Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules, Live Evil and Dehumanizer titled The Rules of Hell. Judas Priest's new disc Nostradamus, released in June of 2008. The disc is titled after the 16th century prophet Nostradamus, the disc is more symphonic...not aggressive as some may like, however Halford voice and rest of Priest are on key.

Many state that metal died in the 1990s. Well, if you ever went to a Motorhead show, tell me when it was not sold out. The venues are the same and the loyal fuckers who show up, such as me, follow and follow and follow. Metal exist because the bastards we are will not allow it to fade. We buy the CDs, we go to the concerts, we fill the arenas, and the metal maniacs remain cast outs in all societies, I call them family. I am glad to catch a concert in arena at times and best when it's metal. Last month a visit by Iron Maiden, sold fucking out. Not one ad, radio spot, or anything in Chicago media by advertisement (but we all knew), well at least to what I read and heard. Sold Out! Just like the 80s. Many of the Maiden fans in Chicago may remember and for other who are reading can probably chime in the same in your town. A little bit of history, Iron Maiden as I remember sold out what was then the Rosemont Horizon for four nights. (please someone clarify this fact, it might have been three). Let's see what other bands done the same, Michael Jackson, Metallica (another metal band), The Boss... Grateful Dead.... Just think those other acts were promoted through the gills, you could not go down the street without seeing a billboard that Jackson or the Dead are at the Rosemont Horizon. The Maiden Powerslave tour sold out, that many shows, 4 shows, 20 years ago. Again, no mainstream radio, no ads in the paper...all I can say is that I'm happy for them, they took that extra budgeted add money and put in their bank accounts. That is a flourishing company. Viral advertising... a new term, Maiden had the irons on way back.

Back to the Metal Masters, once again, I cannot wait for this show. The summer has been a no show for metal acts in this area (at least for the major arena type). Sometimes you want to see a show, a huge show and not a small club. The lights, the music, the atmosphere. I have been to quite a few music fests these past few weeks... and one major music or corporate event coming up that starts with a "L."; But these are yearly carnivals, a mix of bands, no loyalty for anything except the $100 plus price for admission and just to not know who the fuck is playing. Don't get me wrong, fests are cool, and you might discover a band that you will fall in love with and run out and purchase the music. However most, it's hanging out if for a day or two or three. For the lucky who can spurge the thousands sit in air conditions tents. To note, these are the people who are probably shoving "Green"; in your face, but they can let AC run without problem. However, Metal Masters tour is much more, it's the music that the metal fans will come to see, thrash and sweat to. I even bet they sell the damn place out. For the metal maniacs, it's an escape, a time to disappear for a few hours from our mundane lives. The live where we live the same from one fuckin day to the next. We want to watch Testament, Motorhead, Heaven and Hell, and Judas Priest. All four take us away, for those few hours, to metal fantasy.

See you there... show the colors... "Long Live Rock and Roll"; Ronnie James Dio.