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Metro Station Shake It Down Under

Hi-Fi Bar and Ballroom U18 – Melbourne, Australia – October 5, 2008

by Jenna Robbins

Metro Station - Photo by Kristin BiskupThere are not many bands that I would travel three and a half hours by plane to see. I have seen some amazing artists live such as Justin Timberlake and U2 but in my opinion the Metro Station concert in Melbourne is the best I have seen to date.

I have to admit Metro Station is one of my favourite bands, but I still went into the concert with my doubts about how good this debut band were going to be live. The only negative of the entire experience was the un-organisation of the line to get in. I stood inline for over an hour and a half past opening because they had only one guy on the door checking seven hundred teens IDs and names off a guest list. This meant that I missed most of the opening act Australian band Missing Hours. The Hi-Fi venue was ridiculously hot and even before Metro Station came onstage about three girls had fainted from the mixture of heat and being smashed in the front by a mob of fans trying to push their way through.

I had the perfect view, about ten rows from the front and right in the middle, plus due to my height and the fact that I am only a few months off eighteen it meant I could look right over the heads of everyone else in the crowd.

Metro Station came on to the shrill screams of the seven hundred teenage girls and immediately the dead looking crowd awoke to the catchy opening song Disco. From the moment Trace Cyrus, Mason Musso, Blake Healy and Anthony Improgo walked onstage the crowd went nuts. I had to pretend I was Australian for the day as Mason and Trace talked about how beautiful Australia was, also declared that the country was home to the 'hottest girls in the world'. The show grew more energetic with every song and songs such as Tell Me What To Do and True to me were made even better by the added guitar parts and constant running around the small stage by Trace and Mason. Kelsey one of the bands more popular songs was dedicated to all the ladies in the crowd-pretty much everyone-and was sung so loudly by the crowd that Trace and Mason were barley audible throughout the entire song. The bands two song encore included their popular hit Shake it which, no surprise was a crowd winner. Trace worked the audience whilst being touched and mauled by the cluster of girls who nearly fainted when he came out shirtless. My favourite song of the night was Control the bands more rocky song which had Trace jumping off everything and the band putting in what looked to be everything to ensure the concert ended on a high.

The one hour set seemed to disappear in no time. With the band telling everyone with a smile that they will back down under in February next year everyone who left the doors of the Hi-Fi had already bought tickets to the next show. And I would defiantly travel another three hours to see them again.