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Metro Station (Self-Titled)

Sony - April 22, 2008

by Jenna Robbins

Metro StationAs the music of today seems to blend in and every song on the radio begins to sound the same, we begin to crave something new. As I listen to the radio whilst I'm meant to be studying, I feel like studying would be more exciting than the monotonous pop hits playing on every station. One bands debut album has caught me by surprise. Metro Station although still fairly 'poppy' has turned synth pop or electro pop into a new genre and their debut album is pushing the boundaries on typical pop music making for a really interesting and fun album.

As a young band of nineteen year olds Metro Station has quite a story to tell. Metro station was born when Mason Musso (vocals and guitar) and Trace Cyrus (vocals and lead guitar) met on the set of their siblings show Hannah Montana, and from that moment on the music seemed to flow. Metro Station's distinct electro keyboard sound comes from Blake Healy who turns the music into a three dimensional experience especially when played loud. The mixed vocals of Trace and Mason provide a strong voice for the very teenage relevant lyrics of the album. Drummer Anthony Improgo finishes off the songs with simple but effective drum beats which give them that extra something.

The album has already produced some top ten hits. Shake It although very repetitive has a fun beat and catchy lyrics which make it one of the best songs on the album. Trace Cyrus's guitar parts and vocals is what sets this song apart from some of the other songs on the album. The catchy simplicity of the lyrics and the fun, almost gritty tone set by the track makes it something quite unusual and fascinating. The backbone of the song is the keyboard and 'electro' sound of Blake Healy. Shake It is the song you play when getting ready for a night out and an amazing song to drive to, and I love this song on repeat more than any of the others on the album. When I first heard the amateur sounding beginning of Kelsey I had my doubts about the song. This all changed after the second time I'd listened to it and Kelsey turned out to be one of those songs which you just have to listen to twice to allow it to grow on you. Control had really cool intro which sounded sort of like fairytale music and added almost an eerie tone to the beginning of the most 'rocky' songs on the album. The latest and upcoming single off the album is Seventeen Forever. Seventeen Forever is the first song which Mason and Trace wrote together after meeting. Seventeen Forever is destined to be another huge track from the band and again the catchy tune makes it impossible not to like it. Other good songs on the album are Disco and wish we were older which again are made up of the original elements of Metro Station's music.

Metro Station is continuing to grow and is busy doing sold out shows in America, Canada and Australia. For the nineteen years olds this debut album is a great place to start. The fun and catchy tunes and lyrics of the album is why the self titled album is one of my favourites at the moment. I can see Metro Station being around for a while and what these nineteen year olds have in stall for us in the future is sure to be great.