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Rev Theory Blows Away Iowa

Marion, Iowa - July 2008

by Lori Kerr

Rev TheoryLive shows have always gave me a great sense of who a band really is...

Rev Theory (Aka Revelation Theory) gave me a sense of every emotion I definitely want to feel about one of my favorite bands... If they weren't one of my favorite bands before I left the show (which they definitely were) they absolutely are now!!!!!

I have seen many live shows throughout my almost 40 years of life, and have seen very few bands with the intensity of Rev. They came onto the stage and totally fucking rocked the socks off every sweat drenched Iowan around! Every person that I encountered after Rev left the stage was totally blown away by the performance of this five piece band.

Rev hails out of New York and have been touring the United States for many years in support of their first release entitled 'Truth is Currency' and now "Light it Up' which was released on June 10th nationwide.

Original members Rich Luzzi on vocals, Matty McCloskey bass and backing vocals, Julien Jorgensen on guitar and drummer Dave Agoglia have teamed up with Rikki Lixx (formerly of Operator) to conquer the existing Rev Heads in the making.

Lixx addition to the band is very apparent on their sophomore CD. Lixx adds a new something special to the already awesome band. His sound adds a little, if not a lot of Mr. Hyde to Jorgensen's Dr. Jekyll making Rev's sound a powerhouse of metal at it's finest.

First single release "Hell Yea" comes right out of the gate, giving Rev Fans a huge punch in the face. This song was the perfect opportunity for Rev to show the world how dedicated they are to putting out good music that isn't like any other band that is having their 15 minutes of fame on MTV right now. Rev has paved their way into the music scene by continuously cranking out good songs with music that will withstand video land and put them on the map as a band true to their musical roots.

The second jam to come off the album is the title song "Light it Up" which is also featured on Wrestlemania XXIV. The Rev boys got to perform at the event this past summer. With the exposure on WWE as well as "Hell Yea" being featured on Madden 09 EA Sports, the Rev Theory disease is catching on.

Speaking of diseases, the second song on the "Light it Up" album 'Favorite Disease' is a hard hitting song which combines soulful guitar riffs along side Agoglia just beating the piss out of his drum set, and Luzzi and McCloskeys harmoniously perfect duo vocals to keep listeners intrigued to keep wanting to hear more of the Rev Theory boys more fined tuned hits. This rolls into "Light it Up" giving fans three hard hitting songs until we come across Luzzi at his finest, giving the ladies a beautiful ballad in the song "Broken Bones".

This song will make any lady around the world quiver with Luzzi hitting notes that exhume his true passion for the music that he and his band mates have fine tuned for years. They pounded out shows night after night on the road paying their dues to a business that can wear most people out. Rev has just kept going, dedicated to living their dreams of being musicians that are completely true to their roots and not selling out to make a quick buck.

"Falling Down" the 8 th song on "Light it Up" is truly one of the stand out songs on this album. The collaboration of vocals by Luzzi and McCloskey show how the two make one sound that completely goes together. This song fucking rocks in every aspect of the meaning of rock. Then comes in "You're the One" shows off the duos vocals in a softer light, but still as harmonious as "Falling Downs" harder punching vocals.

Rev has undoubtedly earned the respect of fans all over. If not by their dedication to going to meet fans after shows, touring day after day, and concentrating on making the most kickass follow up to their first cd, instead of bustin out something that just mocks their "Truth is Currency" CD. "Light It Up" gives Rev fans song after song after song of hits that show their transition into a more mature, fined tuned band. The hardcore dedication that Rev has for the love of music truly shines.

Rev has toured along side Hinder, Evanescence, Buckcherry and Papa Roach just to name a few. They also performed at Rock on the Range in Ohio this past summer as well as shows all over the US in promotion of "Light it Up". Rev is just finishing up touring with Puddle of Mudd, heading into a few dates in Canada . Check out their websites for more touring info.

More Rev Theory sites at www.myspace.com/revtheory, www.revtheory.com, revtheory.imeem.com, fubar.com/revtheory and youtube.com/revtheory.