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The Cute Lepers - Can't Stand Modern Music

Black Heart Records - June 24, 2008

by Anita Maree Lande

The Cute Lepers - Can't Stand Modern Music It's infectious, fun, fast, with a mix of power pop and classic punk. The six member Seattle based punkers are led by guitarist/vox Steve E. Nix formerly of The Briefs. The new CD is packed with short, catchy songs with a punch-fist chorus. Stand- out songs include Terminal Boredom, Cool City, Nervous Habits, and the guitar lead on It's Summertime, Baby is fantastical . The gold star has to go to Modern Pests with Steve chanting; The Kids will never ever gonna understand/ Modern Pests/We're the Best. Hey! Oh!! I guarantee you won't be terminally bored listening to this CD.

For more information check out: www.thecutelepers.com and myspace.com/thecutelepers


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