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The Cheetah Girls, One World Tour Chicago

United Center - Chicago, IL, USA - December 4, 2008

by Adam Bielawski

The Cheetah GirlsUpon walking into the United Center, just west of the downtown area of Chicago, you feel the warmth as you step inside the arena this freezing night.  Thousands of young excited children, most under ten or twelve years old, and all accompanied with parents.  The Cheetah Girls are on their One World Tour 2008 making their stop in Chicago on December 4, 2008. Supposedly this is the last tour for the Cheetah Girls franchise act. The Cheetah Girls are Disney's phenomenal all girl group, a marketing winner, which came out of the Disney Studio. Debuting as a very popular Disney movie back in 2003, originally four young ladies are now three, with Adrienne Bailon, Sabrina Bryan and Kiely Williams. The Cheetah Girls franchise stretches from movies, clothing, fragrances, books, etc., I am sure if you have children you are aware who the group is and your child has something by Disney's Cheetah Girls brand.

The concert started approximately at 7 p.m. with the trio called the Clique Girls, three talented young ladies who perform song, choreographed dance and play instruments. The young girls received quite a bit of cheer from the young fans as they warmed up the audience for a night with the Cheetah Girls.  The concert was appropriately schedule to finish early so all the young people could get back home, into bed, because it was a school night.

As a parent of a seven year old, the night with my daughter, we had to go to the memorabilia booth, we purchased a pink shirt, wrist band and most wanted, by her and many of the other Cheetah Girl fans, a branded glow stick by the Cheetah Girls. That night the glow sticks lit up the stadium during the show. After the quick stop at the merchandise booth we made ourselves comfortable in the seats, knowing to put on hearing protection on my daughter. When the concert started I was very pleased that the volume was appropriate and I allowed my daughter to relax and take off the ear protection.  Being a parent who attends quite a few concerts, that is one of the most important and inexpensive types of protection for their young ears.

The Cheetah Girls concert started a few minutes late with an introduction video presentation of a plane flight by Cheetah Airlines. When the lights were directed at the fans, faces filled with cheer of home made posters held high in the air. The visual plane ride took the young fans around the world to such places as France, South America, Asia and the United States. My daughter was very excited to attend her first official concert. As the plane faded out, the Cheetah Girls were standing on top of a high platform to begin their set with Cheetah Love.

Throughout the night's performance, the supporting dancers and the Cheetah Girls, changed dress several times, paralleling the Cheetah Airlines flight from Paris, Asia and South America. My daughter asked me quickly, "is that the Eiffel Tower?" when the scene appeared.

As the Cheetah Airlines plane lands in the United States, one of the more memorable concert scenes this night for me, the screen canvas projected the American Flag, the stars and stripes, a monumental presence, with Kiely Williams dressed in a stylish sailor costume for her introduction to the song Shake a Tail Feather (well known 60's tract). During her solo introduction, Keily strutted the stage from left to right, then to the front doing a bit of Marilyn Monroe role-playing. The rest of the Cheetah Girls quickly joined her, as well in military costumes, finishing up with Route 66.

I was not sure what how the concert would be, I quickly realized that I was familiar with majority of the songs. The young audience knew the songs very well and sang along with the Cheetah Girls. I would say probably some of the best received songs were Fuego where the Cheetahs had all the young fans singing along. One could also sense that a audio tract was run as the girls sang, but this audience did not notice.

The best and most exciting for these young children was the finale, One World, closing the show. Confetti filled the stadium; again I saw the joy in all the children's faces. One World was a circus to these kids, jumping, cheering and reaching out to grab a piece of the concert to bring home. It made me wonder is this how memorabilia collection starts, no wonder we never want to part with something so special to us. Just to add quickly, my daughter put her ticket and the confetti from the concert into a zip lock baggie and stored it in her secret place in her room.

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