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Diamond Rexx – 20 Year Reunion Show Explosion!

Diamond Rexx – 20 Year Reunion Show Explosion!

Nite Caps - Chicago, IL, USA – June 6, 2009

By Anita Maree Brodersen
Photos by Anita Maree Brodersen

One of the most fascinating, energy exploding, and fist pumping bands that has ever been unleashed from Chicago are the bad boys of metal Diamond Rexx. If Chicago had a hall-of-fame board of memorable hard rock/metal bands, this band would be somewhere near the top. Breaking into the club circuit in the mid- 80’s they had a tremendous fan base throughout Chicago and their exposure shot up when they were signed with Island Records and then Red Light Records. Diamond Rexx had a treat for their fans by reuniting for a 20th anniversary show with all four original members appearing together for a night of contagious metal fun; the insanely strong vocals of Nasti Habits, the tasty power guitarist SS Priest, bass bad guy Dave Andre, and heat smokin’ drummer Johnny Cottone. The show opened with hard rocking Land of the Damned and Nasti had the crowd in his hands all night with his strong vocals and insane stage presence. They rolled into I Wish I Was Rich and then had the crowd chanting to their song B.A.T.S! They sleazed into Ace of Spades and into the heavy Life and Death. They ended the show with the Beastie Boys classic sung in heavy Rexx style Fight for your Right.

Diamond Rexx is all about getting you a good kick in your face and after 20 years, they still had the drive to do just that. This is power metal music as it should be!