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Michael McDermott - Hey La Hey

Oarfin Records - Pauper Sky Music – August 11, 2009

by Anita Maree Lande

Michael McDermott - Hey La HeyHey La Hey! McDermott keeps fighting the battle

Hey La Hey, the latest CD release by Chicago native/musician/songwriter Michael McDermott, is simply an all around winner and possibly one of the best releases this summer. He has a profound way to reach deep into the soul of each song and express pure emotion from feelings of isolation to heart-pounding desperate love.

The CD opens with So Am I - a song in classic McDermott destitute as he reaches for comfort and strives for companionship. Other stand-out songs include the search efforts leading up to Room 411, the clever lyrics of The YearIt All Went Wrong, Hey La Hey - the funky-soul twist love song, and the beautiful yet haunting Carry Your Cross where McDermott on piano cries out; You've been on my mind, it's true/You're the shadows in my room/I'll carry your cross for you/If I only could. Then, changing pace to a more pop-toe-tapping song, I Wanna Know Why was a real surprise and definitively right in line of the best song on this latest release.

Hey La Hey can't be missed. He brings us a song collection of true gems and dreams that could come true.

Hey....I just hope that gun ain't loaded.