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The Fray - "Heaven Forbid, That Guy Can Sing!"

Metro – Chicago, IL, USA – January 9, 2009

by Dan Hargesheimer

The Fray photo courtesy to UnRatedMagazine.com by Harry GitelmanWhen a band the caliber of The Fray announces that they are going to play some smaller club shows to start their current tour, it sends fans of theirs in a frenzy to get their hands on tickets any way possible. This night, The Fray was set to play the Metro in Chicago -- a venue that has a capacity of only 1100 people! This show blew most people's minds, and those lucky enough to get a ticket seemed star-struck throughout the entirety of the concert. The guys of The Fray sure did not disappoint -- with a great stage setup, a small intimate venue, some great new songs being unveiled, and the unbelievably heartfelt singing from front man Isaac.

The Fray started the show off with two new songs from the self-titled album, The Fray, due out February 3. Nine of the sixteen songs played throughout the night were from the new disc. From what we all heard off of the new album, there seemed to be some pretty solid tunes and ones that I'm sure fans are dying to get into their earbuds. For the thirteenth song of the night, The Fray played 'You Found Me,' the new often-heard radio single. The music video for this song has got to be a Chicago-fan-favorite because it was shot here in their fine city.

The stage setup was so different than anything I had seen before, and one that made the intimate atmosphere that much better. With lamps strewn all across the stage, chandeliers hanging above the band, and a light on the top of Isaac's piano, this provided the illuminating effects for most of the evening. The lamps and chandeliers would flicker and flash, turn on and off perfectly to the song at hand and added so much more than regular lighting effects are able to provide. The guys seemed to be jam-packed on the stage, but that too only added to the whole ambiance of the show.

The third song of the night was 'Over My Head (Cable Car)' and one that featured the crowd singing the whole chorus the second time around. Issac left his piano to hold the mic out to the crowd and let them wail away. After the song, he told Chicago how much he had missed them the past year, and was glad to be back in their company again.

It was apparent throughout the evening that Isaac has got to be one of the most passionate singers out there. There are only a few that can rival the amount of emotion and intensity he puts into singing every single song. It's hard not to be completely mesmerized by his enthusiasm for the songs that him and his band mates have created.

The Fray photo courtesy to UnRatedMagazine.com by Harry GitelmanI was really hoping for the guys to play 'Little House,' I think one of the best songs on their How To Save A Life album, but that wish didn't come true for the night. The guys did throw some excellent things into the the mix though. On the first encore song of the night, 'Vienna,' Isaac was featured at his piano with no other band members around, and with only the light on the top of his piano shining brightly. He played his heart out during that song, and then moved on to a couple of new songs to end the night. The first of which was a rockin little song that had a drum solo during it and is bound to be one of many hit songs off the new album. The last song of the night was another new one, but on this song the guys started out acoustic for a good portion of the beginning of it, then finished it off with a more energy-packed ending, and one that kept The Fray's fans wanting to hear more! I guess they'll just have to wait until The Fray comes back to Chicago, hopefully for another smaller-venue show, or at least until they pick up the new album that comes out in a few weeks.


#3 Over My Head (Cable Car)
#4 All At Once
#7 Look After You
#9 How To Save A Life
#11 She Is
#13 You Found Me

#14 Vienna


Special thanks to Harry Gitelman for the great photos from the concert!