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U2, No Line On The Horizon

Interscope Records - March 3, 2009

by Trent McMartin

U2 - No Line On The HorizonYou may thing you know U2: the echo-laden guitar effects, a loudmouthed singer with a big heart and an even bigger ego, and the music – the never-ending parade of hit songs that have invaded the public's consciousness for much of the past twenty-five years. But the Irish foursomes twelfth studio album, No Line on the Horizon, reveals a group hell bent on retaining the title of world's greatest band. The electro-groove rock of "Get on Your Boots,"the seven minute epic "Moment of Surrender" and such killer cuts as "Breathe," "White as Snow," "Stand Up Comedy," and "Cedars of Lebanon" show that U2 are every bit as good as they were a decade ago. Hell, twenty years ago.

Rating: 4/5