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Interview with Detroit based artist CDVR

Interview conducted on October 19, 2010

by Sadaf Fayyaz

CDVRHe is a guy from downtown Detroit. He stands hard on an acronym as "DTOT." The meanings behind it is to create your life in a manner of forgetting everything the establishment has enforced on us.

"Traditions, rituals, beliefs, religions - we humans have the choice to experience and learn all walks of life for ourselves, not forced upon us. CDVR stands for Cadavre [kuh-dav-ruh]; which I use metaphorically as a dead body. So, CDVR = DTOT. DTOT=CDVR."

Sadaf Fayyaz: Were you formally trained? Tell something about your education and background.

CDVR: I was dropped out of typical American high school when I was about 15. The close mindedness of every student and teacher at my school made it difficult to take school seriously so, I had to take my education elsewhere. With that being said, it allowed me to venture into other directions in life that interested me, especially music. I've never taken any formal music classes in my life; just trial and error along with teaching myself.

SF: What inspires you the most?

CDVR: Inspirations come in all different forms and situations. Most of them put forth in my music come from the struggle to obtain peace, love, and happiness around the world; also through myself. Inspiration is everything.

SF: Do you have a band or solo?

CDVR: CDVR only consists of me - That's it.

SF: What made you take interest in music?

CDVR: I was interested in music since I was about 5 or 6. I've got 3 grandfathers that were all musicians. One played the drums, another guitar, and the third the bass. Pretty much Blink 182's line-up, but, all my grandpas, so, that always kept the idea of playing music in my mind. The first time I started writing my own lyrics was while I was in 4th grade and picked up a Nelly CD; started off jotting down rhymes for my girlfriend at the time - puppy love, but, it grew from there.

SF: Your first thing to play:

CDVR: The first instrument I started playing was really a tie between the piano and drums. My grandpa and grandma attempted at passing down the ropes at being able to play each of them. I'm thinking I was around 8-9 when I started going at it.

SF: Who are your favorite bands and musicians?

CDVR: My favorite artists would have to be Jimi Hendrix, M.I.A, Kanye West, Kaskade, Caspa, Gucci Mane, Tupac Shakur, The Doors, and Usher. The list goes on; I love pretty much all types of music.

SF: What would you say about your album and fans?

CDVR: I think our generation just needs some motivation because things are steady changing without any explanation and I know 6 billion underneath the ceiling, half of them all be killing. Have we lost touch without feelings? Yeah we got, plot them, jot them down then we bomb them. Every dollar spent - a little bit goes to killing.

When will it end? The futures looking so dim. The future starts with now, the future starts with you; don't act - just do. This excerpt is from my title track "Electronic Play"; it's pretty much self explanatory about the U.S Government pulling a fast one on the American public by carrying out a self-inflicted "terrorist" attack, then, placing the blame on the Middle East. Killing innocent civilians while all of it being funded by the U.S tax dollar. Research this. Our generation needs to wake up and not be blinded by the extremist media! My dream, goal, passion, and almost everything I live for is to put that spark of knowledge into our youth's brains and be an activist in the DTOT movement.

SF: What is your music genre?

CDVR: Universal

SF: Have you ever played cover songs?

CDVR: No, I only play originals as of now.

SF: What is your source of learning?

CDVR: My source of learning comes from anyone that I may meet throughout the day. Anyone you meet today can share knowledge with you that you never could have dreamed of; the possibilities are endless. There are a limitless number of views and aspects to learn from people of all walks of life; my goal is to become some sort of library to all of that. I also learn a lot from documentaries across the internet. They say believe quarter of what you read and half of what you see. I firmly believe in that, so, I don't take everything with a strong stand-point. I create judgment from researching other views on the same topic and create a decision knowing both sides.

SF: What is music according to you?

CDVR: Music is an emotion.

SF: Any message to the readers:

CDVR: To be yourself no matter what anyone, any book, any magazine, any TV show, or anything tells you to be. If I didn't stick to that since I was about 14 and could influence the way in which my life was moving, I wouldn't be sitting here typing this interview or thinking about any of this.