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Martin Lawrence Presents: 1st Amendment Stand-up Brings Latest and Greatest Comics to Chicago Theatre

The Chicago Theatre - Chicago, IL, USA - May 13, 2010

by Sommer Thornton

JJ WalkerThe fifth season of Martin Lawrence Presents: The 1 st Amendment Stand-Up series is being filmed this week at the Chicago Theatre. Last night, the first two sets included favorites like Sandra Bernhard, Jimmy "JJ" Walker (Good Times, Everybody Hates Chris), Gary Owen (House of Payne), Pierre, and local comedian turned radio personality, Leon Rogers. The lineup represented many demographics, and tackled topics like immigration, gay rights, Maury Povich, the Obamas, infidelity, and of course sex.

Host Sheryl Underwood, a veteran herself, reminisced with the audience about her old hang out spots in Chicago. Sheryl is a South-Side native, so she was especially proud to be back amongst friends and family. When asked why Chicago was his favorite city to perform in, comedian Pierre commented, " Chicago is real. People here just get it."

Some of the funniest moments came from the discussion about sex and relationships. Power 92's Leon Rogers gave the audience a new word for oral sex. "Instead of saying gimme some '*&^#@,' call it 'wacka flocka.'" Wacka Flocka is actually a new rap artist. Leon's explanation for why oral sex should now be called "wacka flocka", "cause that's the sound men wanna hear when ladies are doing it!" Pierre, who has appeared on BET's Comicview as well as How to Be a Player, reminded the audience of the 10/10 rule to infidelity. "The side-chick can't call after 10 pm or before 10am."

Other memorable moments included Jimmy "JJ" Walker's reenactment of a typical Maury Povich DNA results show, and Gary Owen's comparison of a Catholic mass versus a Baptist church. "I thought it was rude to talk while the pastor was speaking until I went to a black church." As a white comedian who has rose to the top of the comedy biz, Gary Owen keeps crowds laughing at the hysterics of his interracial marriage. "Sometimes I sit at my kids' sports games and pretend I'm not their dad, just to hear what people will say."

Executive Producer Martin Lawrence has come full circle from a guest starring role in a cult classic 2 decades ago, to numerous comedy specials, his own sitcom, movies, to finally his own stand-up comedy show. One of Martin's first big breaks came as the host of Russell Simmons's Def Comedy Jam on HBO in the 90's- a stand-up show which catapulted Sheryl Underwood, Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey, and countless others into stardom. Most of the comics of the 1 st Amendment Stand-Up series either guest starred on Def Jam or were avid viewers.