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Past Lives, Tapestry of Webs

Suicide Squeeze Records - February 23, 2010

by Dimitris Dairis

Past Lives, Tapestry of Webs"Tapestry of Webs" is the debut album by the Art-Rock group Past Lives.The band from Seattle was formed after Post-Hardcore/Art-Punk group The Blood Brothers disbanded in 2007.

The album consists of twelve songs and delivers with the song "Paralyzer",a strong Post-Punk song with Psy-Rock guitar sounds,which create a subtly psychedelic atmosphere and is an ideal introduction.The band throughout the record,try to experiment with their sound,shifting from Art-Rock to Indie as tracks progress,while their psychedelic basis remains.The outcome of their experimentation is a constantly changing atmosphere,like on "Past-Lives",the third track of the album,where the band combines Art-Rock with Indie elements and ideal vocals.

In its entirety "Tapestry of Webs",is a fast progressing record and atmospheres vary from one song to another.On "Paralyzer" and "Past Lives",the band is crossing darker paths with their Post-Punk and Psychedelic-Rock sound,while on "Deep in the Valley" the band fuses ideally Indie-Rock rhythms and creates a swinging mood.On "K-Hole" though,which follows "Deep in the Valley",a song embedded with hardcore vocals and heavier guitars,Past Lives shift their sound again,with delightful results.

"Aerosol Bouquet" is the peak of the album,moving in a psy-rock direction with soft but atmospheric vocals.The record is closing ideally with "There is a Light So Bright it Blinds",which puts an end to the musical journey the band presented through the record.

Past Lives with "Tapestry of Webs",try and succeed into creating a well-composed and structured record,by blending Art-Rock with various elements.The different atmospheres being created,a result of their experimentation,are certain to let the listener wander into the band's musical paths and capture his attention throughout the record.

Track listing:

  1. Paralyzer
  2. Falling Spikes
  3. Past Lives
  4. Don't Let the Ashes Fill Your Eyes
  5. Deep in the Valley
  6. K Hole
  7. Hex Takes Hold
  8. Vanishing Twin
  9. Hospital White
  10. At Rest
  11. Aerosol Bouquet
  12. There is a Light So Bright it Blinds