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Yoso: Elements

Frontiers Records – July 2, 2010

by Edwin van Hoof

Yoso: ElementsYoso merges members from prog legends Yes and AOR outfit Toto together on their first endeavor. Musicwise the band manages to combine the best of both worlds moulding it together into slick melodic pop/rock tunes with progressive elements. Take Yes' "90125" and blend it with Toto's hitknocker "Africa", and you have a precise pointer of what to expect.

With former Yes-stars Billy Sherwood (bass, vocals) and Tony Kay (keys) and Bobby Kimball (vocals & piano) of Toto fame Yoso is more than able to create magic, proven on this debut. Perhaps a bit slick and to polished for many, at times, but above all; sheer brilliant. The album balances on the fine line between AOR/rock and prog without losing sight of a strong theme in every song. Never drifting away to far from the focalpoint, it blends finest melodies with excellent pompous choruses and progressive musical interaction. Every once in a while it brings back memories to another all star band from the old days, also sprouted from the Yes camp: Asia. Both blending the best of both worlds in their own unique way.

"To seek the Truth" and "Where you'll Stay" are perpeft examples of the interaction and pleasant atmosphere amongst the players. "Yoso" sums it up instantly with it's vocal interaction and"Close the Curtain" even warps me back to Sherwood's World Trade days. "Path to your Heart" brings back sweet memories of Toto's finest hours, stirred up by the Yes-elements of the 80's. Even though Yoso is still transforming the elements of their past into their own unique sound, the music is hovering on excellent craftmanship from the members, making this endeavor more than worthwhile.

Other highlights that benefit from the inspiring qualities are "Walk Away", Only One" and the wonderful "Return to Yesterday".

Aside this studio CD is a live CD enclosed in the package hinting their setlist for the upcoming tour. A lot of blasts from the past from Toto to Yes-terday, with an addition of three Yoso songs. Right out of the soundboard, honest and well performed without overdubs...

The debut of Yoso tastes like more, much more. I'm sure this band will evolve over time into one of the finest acts in the genre... they just took the first hurdle, and made a giant step forward.

8.6 out of 9

Tracklist CD 1:

  1. Yoso
  2. Path To Your Heart
  3. Where You ll Stay
  4. Walk Away
  5. The New Revolution
  6. To Seek The Truth
  7. Only One
  8. Close The Curtain
  9. Won t End Tonight
  10. Come This Far
  11. Time To Get Up
  12. Return To Yesterday

Tracklist CD 2 - Live:

  1. Yoso
  2. Rosanna
  3. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
  4. Walk Away
  5. Good For You
  6. Yes Medley
  7. To Seek The Truth
  8. Hold The Line
  9. Cinema
  10. Gift With A Golden Gun
  11. White Sister