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One on One with Diggy Simmons

Interview conducted in July 2011

by Tamara Jenkins

Diggy SimmonsHe's the son of a Hip-Hop Legend, nephew to a Hip-Hop mogul and now Diggy Simmons is venturing into the family business and coming into his own.

Already a proven lyricist with two successful mixtapes under his belt, The First Flight (2009) and Airborne (2010), a nomination for MTV's "Hottest Breakthrough MC Of 2010"and a member of  XXL Magazine's prestigious 2011 Freshman Class, there's no question about his longevity in music.

Currently on tour as part of the BET's106 & Park Presents: Closer to My Dreams Tour, Simmons took time from his busy schedule to speak with UnRated Urban Magazine during a promotional appearance at PHLI Sneaker Boutique in Hyde Park, IL.

Tamara Jenkins: You're working on your debut CD right now, what's the title?

Diggy Simmons: I can't say yet, but the title is definitely perfect for where I'm at right now and how people see me and how I'm feeling with my career in general. It's going to be out soon.

Who have you worked with on the CD?

Diggy Simmons: I can't say.

Who are you're influences in music?

Diggy Simmons: I have so many especially in other genres but I'll stick to Hip Hop like Jay-Z, definitely musically of course and the way he's taken himself as an artist to businessman and entrepreneur to CEO and Kanye (West) of course too creatively he always raises the bar with what he does and takes risks and Lupe (Fiasco) is another person, he's out of Chi-Town is someone that I look up to as an influence and like a big brother to me as well.

Will people be surprised by the sound of the CD?

Diggy Simmons: Definitely, without a doubt. That's what I've been telling people in interviews that there just going to be shocked, it's so amazing and I'm so excited. Like, unbiased, besides the fact that its mine, its incredible and I can't wait to share it with everybody.

Is there a lot of pressure considering you come from a very successful family?

Diggy Simmons: People ask that, but not really, not at all I just really do me and I'm just an independent person and I'm my own individual. So not really.

What was it like having your life filmed during Run's House?

Diggy Simmons: It was something you got use to.

Would you ever do your own reality show?

Diggy Simmons: No, probably not.

You're a fashion plate; do you have any aspirations to become a designer?

Diggy Simmons: Definitely, definitely my own clothing line and I also have my own sneaker line, Chivalrous Culture and you can find it online at chivculture.com.

Do you have any plans to go into acting?

Diggy Simmons: That can happen, I've always been interested in that and I use to do a little bit of acting.

What's the best advice someone has given you before you started in the music industry?

Diggy Simmons: Something that I always remembered even now is that just do you because sometimes what people say can get under your skin and you can't let it.

How do you parents feel about you getting into the music industry?

Diggy Simmons: Their just proud and support what I do and their happy for me.