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Mostly Autumn - Go Well, Diamond Heart

MA Records / Independant release (101 Distribution)

by Edwin van Hoof

Mostly Autumn - Go Well, Diamond HeartMostly Autumn is one of England's most productive progressive rock acts, releasing a long stream of classics. "Go Well, Diamond Heart" is another gem in the genre.

Dreamy melodies, long spun arrangements paste a sonic landscape in which the crystal clear voice of Olivia Spamenn simply fits perfectly. As if Enya (Clannad) and Kate Bush joined forces, teaming up with Pink Floyd and Yes icons to create the musical journey through the progressive ages. Breathtaking beautiful songs which take you away exploring your dream, over and over again. "For All We Shared", "Voilet Skies" and "Back to Life" linger in nostalgia, warping us into the heydays of English prog acts such as Marillion, Clannad, Pink Floyd and the severely under rated Stranger On A Train. Fingerlicking beautiful songs with great returning themes that nest in your head instantly.

Mostly Autumn powers up in "Deep In Borrowdale" and "Something Better" which lean heavily on the excellent guitar riffs and vocals of founder and inspirator Bryan Josh. He is the mastermind of the band and perfectly senses where to inject fierce power or dreamy and catchy melodies in the epic melodic songs. All coloured to the max with flutes, towering keyboards, acoustic guitars and Hammond organ, and great vocal work and close harmony choruses. Highlights are plenty but the absolutely gorgeous titletrack and "Hold The Sun" are my personal favourites.

Mostly Autumn again delivers some great epical masterpieces which are a delight for fans of progressive music and folk inflicted English rock. Dreamy, catchy and emotional melodic journeys....

8.9 out of 10