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Voice of Dissent: Subverses Book 1

MondoTunes – January 12, 2013

by Courtnye D. Heidleburg

Voice of Dissent: Subverses Book 1When I first happenstance upon this musical journey that is Subverses Book 1, I had no clue what to expect from this highly metal, yet powerfully technical compilation of music, that comprise Voice of Dissent.

Composed of only seven songs, while it is evident that it is a hardcore disc it also has a distinct message - and one might say is political and of the "thinking man's" variety. With all the songs written and performed by a single musician, Rodney McGlothlin dared to go where few have gone and leave listeners wondering what will come next.

From the musicality of "Defiance" to "Freedom (From the Barrel of a Gun)" right into the end with "B.O.T.S., (Brotherhood of the Snake)" this collection of material will keep the interest of listeners well after the CD has ended.

If you want to hear something different, new and somewhat intriguing, these seven songs are worth the listen.