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Pavement Music - August 19, 2014

by Reviewer

Adage | Defined (2014)Adage is a cool new modern rock band out of Winston-Salem, NC and, judging by the sound of the groups' new EP release Defined, this is a bunch of guys with their eyes set firmly on the prize of making it big on the world-wide stage. The sound put down here is big, crunching guitars and strong vocal hookery, just the way rock and roll should be. Defined is only five songs long, but each of them is engaging, rocking, and memorable. Vocalist/guitarist Justin (no last names in this band) has a perfect voice for this kind of music and is alternately melodic and edgy, with a passionate delivery. The rest of the band (guitarist Luke, bassist Johnathan, and drummer Alex) are equally up to the task of making quality rock music and the EP holds up to repeated listenings quite well. Highlights on this set include "Anymore" and "Growing Colder." If I had a radio, this is what I would like to hear coming out of it. Grab it now.