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Beyonce (2013)

Sony Music | December 20, 2013

by Ashley Locke

Beyonce (2013)The Queen of Pop has stunned us all yet again. Friday the 13th at midnight, Beyonce released her long awaited fourth album self-titled “BEYONCE” via iTunes. The 32 track visual record was a total shock to her fans and to the music industry, for there has never been an artist in history to release an album without any type of promotion. Beyonce’s album unveiled the artists’ true to life characteristics of confidence, humility, class, and let’s not forget sexy. Her album includes a mixture of ballads alongside upbeat songs that cover topics from her marriage to hip hop mogul Jay Z, to her new life of motherhood and all of her experiences in between. This album is the absolute opposite of what a typical Beyonce fan would expect to hear from her, yet that is what makes this album a uniquely must have. Beyonce has finally allowed the world in for a closer look at her life unapologetically, and based off of her record sales, her fans are loving every minute of the view.