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Counterfeit i - Still, Vol. 2

Bit Riot Records - April 8, 2014

Review by Jenafur L. Schlangen

Counterfeit i - Still, Vol. 2 (2014)"An intense blend of progressive awesomeness."

Chicago's own Counterfeit i's, newly released "Still Vol. II," sounds like it could be a soundtrack to the most haunting movie that has yet to come to fruition. There are many styles that are tapped into within this latest release, most of which I would consider as simply a blend of psychedelic haunt. It is extremely obvious that this band is influenced by Tool, as tracks "Amel" and "The Point is a Circle" will clearly provide. As I listened to "Between the Suns," I couldn't help pick up on some Deftones influence both vocally, along with some heavy guitar riffs respectively. The last track I allowed to seep into my brain was "All." This track can simply be defined as a gut-wrenching lullaby that contained some low-end bass lines that caused me to become almost transported into another realm of reality. A movie based upon a soundtrack, perhaps? If so, it would be a movie that would keep you awake at night that is for sure.