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James Durbin "Celebrates" at Austin's with Exclusive Q&A!

Austin's Fuel Room - Libertyville, IL, USA - February 7, 2014

Interview by Anita Maree Brodersen

James DurbinAustin's in Libertyville, IL welcomed back American Idol alumni James Durbin as he rolled into town this time on an acoustic tour performing songs from his debut CD Memories of a Beautiful Disaster and introducing many new songs off his new CD called Celebrate with a release date of April 8, 2014. While the temperatures outside were frigid, Durbin heated up the crowd and as a bonus, Unrated Magazine was granted an exclusive Q&A interview before his show:

James Durbin Interview:

Unrated: Welcome back James for our second interview here at Austin's!

James Durbin: Great to be back!

Unrated: Well, I saw you here a few years ago when you performed your debut album right here at Austin's. The place was packed with hundreds of your die-hard fans. However, tonight you are acoustic. Why acoustic on this round?

Durbin: I have been acoustic for the past five weeks. We have two weeks left on this tour. The shows have been intimate and we have been getting a great response to the new songs. But I love to rock out as you know.

Unrated: What is happening on April 8?

Durbin: My new CD – Celebrate is being released. You can get the first release Parachute right now on iTunes!

Unrated: Tell me about Celebrate?

Durbin: The new CD has a lot of attitude and I co-wrote it. My first CD was recorded in two weeks, but this CD I had plenty of time working with the songs. I have been working on this CD for the last two years. I worked in Nashville with James Michael of Sixx AM; therefore staying with the Motley family.

(James Michael is lead singer of the band Sixx AM – formed by Motley Crue's bassist/songwriter Nikki Sixx. Durbin worked with Motley Crue's guitarist Mick Mars on his debut album)

Unrated: What has the reaction been like to your new songs?

Durbin: This is the first time people are hearing the new songs and they are liking it.

Unrated: (During this time, his die-hard fans are now entering the venue for a meet and greet and some private songs that Durbin will perform just for them)

Unrated: Who are some of your musical influences?

Durbin: Definitively the Beatles, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Al Green, Michael Jackson, and U2.   

Unrated Magazine: Have a super show and good luck with Celebrate!

As James Durbin took the stage, it was time to hear the incredible voice of the 24 year old perform a few news songs like: Children Under the Sun, Fool for You, Louder than a Loaded Gun, and Parachute which is his first release from the new CD. He also performed songs off his debut CD including All I Want, May, and Love in Ruins.


Check out durbinrock.com for more information!