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Keys N Krates live at Concord Music Hall

Concord Music Hall - Chicago, IL, USA - December 13-14, 2014

Review by Mercedes Vazquez

Keys N KratesWhen I found out Keys N Krates was coming to Chicago, I was freaking out! I've been waiting for them to come by and perform, been listening to their music for years and they just keep getting better. Let's just say there is no better way to let loose on a Saturday night than by listening to some amazing tunes and dancing to Keys N Krates. It was a fun night seeing them have so much energy and passion when they were on stage. It was clear that from the moment that Keys N Krates dropped their remix "Are We Faded" that things were about to get wild and they sure did not disappoint going forward dropping all mixes and new releases from their new album Every Nite EP. This was just not based on the song choices they were making but the overall performance.

When it comes to the remix culture of being dominated by artists who are behind their laptops, Keys N Krates changes the game by making it all live and all hands-on approach. They are reinventing the remix world. Keys N Krates can be called the triple threat because of Adam Tune, David Matisse and Jr. Flo due to their mastering tunes. What separates Keys N Krates from other artists is how they elevate their sound by using the instruments in stage and it just changes the vibes for the trap music. When everything comes together in a live setting, the sounds are much more incorporated than any other electronic show I've been too. All I can say is that they know how to work the magic on the synth machine, drums and the turntables. I got to see them perform at the Concord and they sure do know how to do a show.

They have such a unique sound that is actually rare when it comes to the electronic music. They play a tune between hip-hop and electronica vibes. Keys N Krates knows how to master their live instrumentations. They are someone who you would have to see live because it's nothing that people get to experience with other DJs. They do live remix of rap tunes, electronic and bass jams. You can describe them as a modern party band performing on stage that makes everyone dance to the beat. Their music is mashed up with familiar samples and their own beats. They have such a fresh futuristic sound that will freak the shit out of you. The vibe was great and there is always so much energy with all the amazing people around you. When you go to a Keys N Krates shows you get to see their music and it's not just a crazy dance party but an experience and vibe like nothing else I have had before.

The audience was equally entertained, as we all cheered and swayed back and forth to the melodies and when they dropped the remix of Usher "Climax" it kicked it up notched with scratches done by Jr. Flo. When they played "Dum Dee Dum" from their 2013 EP Solow, it was a long intro but when that dropped was made we all went insane, by us repeating ‘dum-dee-dum' continuously. Before exiting the stage, Keys N Krates took a group selfie with the crowd and played 3 more songs. They closed the show by performing one of my favorite's songs which is "Keep it 100" a remix they did with Grand-theft, since it was the last song you have to go big and dance your heart out. I'm thankful for an unforgettable night I had at Concord seeing these three guys put their all, if they keep making music the way they do, they are going to be making a huge difference and I hope I get to see them perform again. They are someone who you would love to see live.