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Cherie Currie - Reverie (2015)

iTunes - March 16, 2015

Review by Anita Lande Brodersen

The Cherry Bomb is Back

Cherie Currie is back with her brand new album release — Reverie. It has been over 35 years to hear the incredible vocals of Cherie, but the wait was well worth it.

Most music lovers know of the all-female band The Runaways. Back in the late seventies these five teenagers — Cherie Currie, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Jackie Fox, and the late Sandy West had their taste of bitter sweet stardom. Their band manager and producer Kim Fowley helped shape their image, sound, and eventually help landed their recording contract with Mercury Records.

Some 35 or so years later Kim Fowley contacted Cherie and asked her if she would like to make an album. This time Cherie would have her son, musician Jake Hayes (from Maudlin Strangers) handle co-producing, co-writing, drums, bass, guitars, and keyboards.

The 10 song album has some real stand-outs. Getting top honors are originals written by Cherie and Jake like "Believe" and "Reverie" which showcases the powerful song writing and the beautiful yet knock-down vocals from Cherie. Kim Fowley also lent a hand on writing the auto-biographical and soulful "I'm Happy" and "Inner You". Then surprise…yes two Runaway songs made the cut with guest singer and former band mate Lita Ford. "Is It Day or Night?" and "American Nights" both got a major over-haul and both are energized to their fullest.

Sadly Kim Fowley passed away before completion of "Reverie" but it is good to hear his proud touches on the album and great to hear the vocals of the legendary Cherie Currie.

Available on iTunes.