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Karmin: Interview with Amy and Nick are Karmin

The Chicago Theatre, June 5, 2015, Chicago, IL, USA

Interview and photos by Dan Locke

Amy and Nick are KarminAmy and Nick are Karmin, an incredibly lovable, genre-bending pop duo with remarkably memorable high-energy live performances. Their sound is a wholly original, infectious blend of hip-hop, pop and rock, which is complimented by their signature monochromatic visual style. Karmin is the first fan-discovered group to translate from "viral sensation" to "headline tour status" with over half a billion YouTube views and double platinum sales; since their launch into the mainstream, they've blitzed the world with their perpetual touring schedule and debut TV performance on SNL leading into major appearances across radio, print, TV and film.

Source The Complex Group, Inc. 2015.

Dan Locke: How is the tour coming along?

Karmin: Tour is coming along great! We just put out our brand new single "Didnt Know You" and are playing some new music, and the response so far has been fantastic.

Dan Locke: How is it working with Lindsey Stirling?

Karmin: Lindsey is the best. We got to hang out before tour and she is super chill and kills is every night on stage. She's doing her own thing, and it's awesome.

Dan Locke: How is this tour different than other tours you have done?

Karmin: Every tour is different from the other, whether it's different cities, seasons, bands, everything. We haven't opened for a minute so it's been fun playing for a different audience!

Dan Locke: What are your best tips for being on the road?

Karmin: Being on the road is a beast in itself. It's not all partying all night; you do have to discipline yourself to keep healthy and to have a routine. But we have a great band and crew so it's definitely still a good time (laughing).

Dan Locke: Can you describe the creative process for the video for "Sugar"?

Karmin: we actually released two videos for "Sugar," the first one was supposed to be almost like a lyric video but we ended up really liking the vibe of it, so just uploaded it! The "Sugar" official video was much more thought out and tells more of a character background of one of our "Leo Rising" characters, the man in the blue suit. He is sent around town to deliver love and kindness - we think of his character as karma personified. We wanted to intertwine that footage with amazing performance and vibe footage also in the "Leo Rising."

Dan Locke: You just released your newest single, "Didn't Know You" as well as a teaser for the music video. Can you tell us anything about what to expect from the video?

Karmin: the official video for didn't know you is a western, shot on location. We did almost a three day shoot for it and really wanted to portray the cinematic qualities of the song by shooting a more cinematic video. Really can't wait to show you this one!!

Amy and Nick are Karmin

Dan Locke: Can you tell us some more about your upcoming album, Leo Rising? What was the creative process like?

Karmin: Leo rising is the first full album completely created by Amy and Nick, and is actually inspired by the zodiac calendar. Each song is based of off characteristics of a sign (Didn't Know You is the Gemini song for example), so everyone will have a song made for them. The creative process was very collaborative between Amy and I, where I (Nick) did the production and Amy did the lyrics and melodies. We really wanted to sonically make it more organic, simpler almost less produced sounding by using more live takes, and not tuning any vocals. It's the most honest work we've done yet!