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The Hong Kong Sleepover - What You See is What You Regret (2015)

DVD review by Jenafur Schlangen

The Hong Kong Sleepover – Live DVD:  What You See is What You Regret (2015)This heavy-hitting four-piece group is a self-described "Miller Highlife fueled heavy metal band," and they are fast becoming a recognizable name in the music industry, all while having already gained an impressive fan base with zero label support...as of yet.

Coming together in 2007, in Macomb, Illinois, these mid-western good 'ol boys, have successfully released and sold two full length albums and a five-track EP. Their latest release is their first DVD option entitled, "What You See is What You Regret" and it certainly does not disappoint. It is, in a nutshell, proof of how this band's sense of humor can make you laugh your ass off yet, musically, provide some serious rock that will most definitely touch your auditory sweet spots. Below is just one example of the prior:

Hong Kong Sleepover: The act of shoving one's sexual partner's head under water during intercourse with the purpose of inducing unconsciousness, thus tightening the rectal muscles and providing great pleasure for the fellow upon orgasm. See 'camel kick' and 'donkey punch.' So named due to its use by colonial-era Hong Kong boat prostitutes. Supposedly a bathtub favorite of President John F. Kennedy. - The Urban Dictionary

Musically, this band's style can readily be described as good old fashioned heavy rock.  There is an abundance of chunky-esque low-end guitars provided mainly by lead vocalist, Ted Renner, whose vocal approach is acutely similar to Lemmy Kilmister, of Motörhead.  Even more low-end is handed over by bassist, Waylon Brown and all of it is enhanced with the pristine guitar work of Pete Thompson. Lastly, and as everyone knows about metal music, the time keeping is what holds the entire group on track and Mike Kump hits the mark on that task, without a doubt. 

The DVD is of a live performance concept, taking place at a live music venue in Burlington, Iowa, "The Washington."  It is here where the band heaves eighteen of their original tracks down each and every one of their fans' respective throats. But, before the actual show, the band sets up the whole experience with none other than...band practice.  This location is clearly the spot where the Miller Highlife flows as freely as the creative juices of this band.  Once they arrive at The Washington, the stage is set (literally)for the band to take the stage as their fans await in front of the stage with positive anticipation.  Beginning their set with "Bleed to Win," the fans go insane with enthusiasm, but in a Midwestern sort of way.....which means, they all stand there, rocking back and forth, eyes complete transfixed onto the band, but all donning huge smiles of appreciation for what they are seeing/hearing.  All in all, it is one of the better DVDs I've come across but most certainly gains higher marks for the consistent and all-around entertainment factor.